MAMA GLOW YOGA launches this week at AQUA!


Photo Credit: Timothi Graham

Photo Credit: Timothi Graham

Mama Glow is pleased to announce our new partnership with AQUA Studio in Tribeca. We are launching a series of yoga classes targeted towards women along the maternal continuum, that means women who are thinking about pregnancy, currently pregnant, and recently postpartum are all welcome to participate in our new offering: MAMA GLOW YOGA. 

Yoga is a wonderful training ground for birth and parenting. It helps cultivate awareness and meditation in daily actions. For this reason, a key component of the Mama Glow Prenatal program happens on the yoga mat. But the techniques you will learn in the yoga class can be applied both on and off the mat. A fruitful Mama Glow Yoga practice will foster awareness of the very real connection between mind, body, and spirit. Yoga honors the inner resources and innate wisdom of the body and mind, which is especially important as you prepare for labor and mothering. The dynamic prenatal yoga practice I teach will support your health and well-being throughout pregnancy—as well as prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for childbirth.

Photo Credit: Timothi Graham

The Mama Glow yoga technique focuses on affirmations/meditations, pranayama (breath work), pregnancy-specific asanas (postures), and alignment that strengthens the body and protects the mobile joints of the expectant mother. This nurturing sequence of postures and exercises requires no previous yoga experience. Yoga’s cultivation of mindfulness and awareness in the moment is the perfect way to begin preparing for this exciting life transformation.

When I was pregnant with my son, I remember searching for a place to practice yoga where I felt empowered. I was active and athletic so I could go to a regular class but I wanted to be with other pregnant moms as well. What I discovered was a lot of prenatal classes that should have been called “prenatal nap time class”—not prenatal yoga. I made a promise that I would teach prenatal yoga that made women feel strong, capable, and divine. That’s what you will find when you join us at our new class Mama Glow Yoga: a yoga practice that honors the wisdom of your body and prepares you for pregnancy and birth and motherhood.

The beauty of yoga is that you can practice it anytime and anywhere. Not to mention it offers a plethora of health benefits including improving circulation, firming of the skin, strengthening of the muscles and connective tissue, and stimulating lymphatic flow. Yoga promotes peace of mind, helping ground us in the present. It helps us connect with our higher self—our inner goddess. Mama Glow Yoga is a sequence of postures designed to develop strength and flexibility in the body as well as awareness and openness on a mental and spiritual level. It employs principles such as mindfulness, gratitude, turning inward, and opening. The class is open to women on their fertility path, pregnant women, and recently new moms. Come affirm yourself in the experience of pregnancy. Join us on the mat!



Wednesday-  6:00pm -7:15pm

Friday – 10:45am -12:00pm

Saturday – 10:30am – 11:45am

 AQUA: 78 Franklin Street, NYC


For Class Passes Click Here!

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