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Mama Glow Obsession: Love Shack Fancy

| April 3, 2014
Love Shack Fancy founder/designer Rebecca Hessel Cohen
Love Shack Fancy founder/designer Rebecca Hessel Cohen

Rebecca Hessel Cohen is one of the most fashionable, and glamorous mamas I have met. I had the distinct pleasure of attending the birth of her daughter Scarlet, but I was also privy to the birth of her whimsical brand- Love Shack Fancy. The brand has been featured in Elle.com, Cosmo, glamour.com, GOOP, New York Times Sunday Styles, and many others. There’s something about the frayed edges of her hand-dyed silk halters cascading into a fluid maxi dress that glides along the floor that captivates, that calls one’s attention.

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Rebecca’s dresses quickly became a fave of Gwyneth Paltrow and sold out of stock on Goop.  She launched her website and full collection nationwide the month before her daughter was born. As a fly fashionista born and raised in New York City, she embodies a lithe goddess energy and could easily be from the countryside. I learned of the line while it was still a budding vision. I was gifted a dress- which I lived in for a full summer. Her dresses are darling- they celebrate the art of being a woman, feeling freedom and comfort, and fierce glamour at the same time.

With celebrity fans including Amanda Seyfried, and Vanessa Hudgens LoveShackFancy has become the uniform for beach bunnies and ladies who love fluid effortless style. LoveShackFancy captures the essence of a lifestyle. It was inspired by a simple Brazilian halter dress that was then reinterpreted and transformed into a bevy of uniquely beautiful bridesmaid dresses- and has now become a complete lifestyle concept. This preview of the Spring & Summer collection will make your jaw drop to the floor. Meet the masterful Mama mind behind this boutique brand and you will fall in love just like we have.

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What was your inspiration for starting the line and for this collection? 

I started the line when I was planning my Bridgehampton wedding a few years ago. I wanted the girls in my wedding to embody an ethereal, bohemian romantic sensibility. I called it great Gatsby meets Great Expectations.  Essentially for me it was all about creating silk chiffon gowns that could go from beach to black tie. We couldn’t find any dresses that we loved so I decided to design my own. At the time I was the senior fashion and beauty editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, where I produced and styled a lot of our fashion and cover stories. I saw everything very editorially so it was very important to make sure the dresses fit the look of the wedding. There was such a hole in the market for beautiful silk pieces that could take you from beach to party – so the line started evolving organically. I was always traveling on photo shoots to Tulum, Los Angeles, etc and I needed clothes to take me from beach to city. So I started making what I needed, and that’s how LoveShackFancy began evolving into a complete line.

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And what a gorgeous line it is. What do you want women to feel when they wear your garments?

Free spirited. Fearless. Effortless. Sexy. Romantic.

Your brand is really about lifestyle, if you had to describe it in one word- what’s the LSF lifestyle?


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What’s unique about the dresses? Hand dyed? What’s the color palate this season?

We have many hand dyed pieces and we are creating our own signature prints – beautiful non print prints that are a combination of watercolor and hand dyed pieces of art, translated onto silks. The silks can be washed and shouldn’t be treated as too delicate – the more you wear and love the pieces, the better they get. We recently added lace into the line as well, and we have velvet for fall. We did an incredible limited edition natural Indigo collection for spring/summer that are unreal. Each of the Fancy dresses have 12 yards of individually dyed silk, created by a close friend and photographer Dean Isidro.

The color palette for summer is indigo, neutrals, and a touch of hot pink. Spring has some more muted tones – sunbaked clay, bleached out aqua – all the colors from the Hamptons flowers, sea and sky.

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Additionally, can you give 3 Glow Tips for LSF Spring Style?

For spring we have some amazing new separates. You can style so many pieces for so many different occasions – everything is so versatile, and that’s what we love about it.

You can wear our halter dresses over a bikini to the beach, or out to formal black tie event. You can knot twist and tie the straps so they lay differently on your body, depending on your body type. We have long versions and short versions – both are backless and show off your shoulders. If you want to show off your legs, go for the halter mini dresses!

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We also have this great crinkle fabric that dries super quickly – so its perfect to bring to the beach. I’m loving this fabric in our ruffle racer mini dresses or popover dresses – one mini dress is with a sleeve, one is without.

Our slips are also gorgeous – perfect for a beach wedding or throw on a leather jacket for a date night.

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Our mini skirts are really popular – and I wear them almost every day. You can pair them with a long blazer and a simple white tee – and you can wear it day to night.

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Our new jacquard fabric is a beautiful crocodile embossed jacquard that is a bit more luxe, and we made some cute shorts and little tops, and also our fancy dress in this fabric. We are obsessed!

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And for Spring my favorite thing is our Indigo limited edition collection. This is perfect for everything. You can layer on some beautiful ethnic jewelry and make it really fun – or simplify with nothing at all.

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I love to throw some little vintage crochet jackets on with the indigo as well. Its my go-to look. I could go on and on! You need to come in and see everything for yourself!

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Everyone is going to obsess when they see these images! Where can we find the collection?

Bergdorf Goodman, Shopbop.com , Revolve.com, Blue&Cream and many boutiques around the country. Also on our website www.loveshackfancy.com

For more information on LoveShackFancy visit them online. Don’t miss our Mama Glow exclusive Spring Fling Shopping night at LoveShackFancy showroom in NYC coming in May. Stay tuned to the events section or subscribe!


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