Mama Glow Obsession: ERZO Vitamin Biscuit


Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.52.03 PMDid you know a mother’s nutritional status before, during, and immediately after pregnancy plays a critical role in her baby’s development and lifelong health? Nutrition is key to fortifying the body and preparing for fertility pregnancy and beyond.

Taking prenatal vitamins daily can make an important difference in the future health of your child and helping you sustain wellbeing too. There are hurdles when it comes to taking vitamins and we all know that many mamas have trouble swallowing the so called “horse pills”, and then there’s the multiple pills a day you have to remember to take. I remember the dread of swallowing 6 prenatal vitamins and gagging. Now with prenatal gummies like Smarty Pants on the market companies are beginning to understand the unique needs of expectant mothers. We’re particularly excited about a new prenatal vitamin on the block from two lauded veterans in the wellness space. ERZO™ Vitamin Biscuit, a new vitamin that takes your daily dose to the next level.

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They’ve combined the simplicity of a whole grain biscuit with a carefully formulated blend of your complete prenatal vitamin and voilà you have a new supplement category. You can take three little biscuits a day, whenever you like— nix the pills, and say bye-bye to nausea. The great part about it is that it doubles as a snack so you can take them on the go and spread your favorite toppings on them like, almond butter or make a dessert, they have some great ideas on their Instagram feed.

Co-Fouders Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss

Co-Fouders Zoë Sakoutis and Erica Huss

Having disrupted the juice and detox market with the launch of BluePrintCleanse in 2006, Erica Huss and Zoë Sakoutis are at it again, bringing the first to market, prenatal vitamin biscuits: ERZO Vitamin Biscuits. Even with the proven success in the health and wellness space, their passion led them to a new discovery…a new delivery system for your daily dose of vitamins. They chose to start with the most important vitamin, prenatal. Because of their own experiences, whether being pregnant or talking pregnancy with everyone they knew, they started studying. And what Erica & Zoë learned is that our lifelong health can be greatly shaped by the nutrition we get during our nine months in the womb. So they asked themselves: If prenatal vitamins are so important, why are they so hard to swallow and easy to forget? As usual, the best ideas are often the simplest: the duo reinvented the way you take vitamins by putting your complete daily dose of prenatals into a yummy biscuit. Lifelong nutrition starts with a biscuit- and we love it. The biscuits are light and tasty and very easy on the palate.

You can have ERZO delivered right to your doorstep monthly when you sign up for their subscription service with free shipping.

What’s more, is that they support mothers-to-be around the world. For every purchase of ERZO™ Vitamin Biscuit, their nonprofit partner Vitamin Angels donates prenatal vitamins to a woman in need. So this is a socially responsible company that we love! This company is Mama Glow approved. Learn more at

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