Mama Glow Launches a New Ritual Beauty Collection


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Mama Glow launches a beauty capsule of 5 essential self-care products in partnership with Good Medicine Beauty Lab. Wellness maven, beloved doula and founder of Mama Glow, Latham Thomas wanted to create a product line that reflected her personal values and teachings in self-care. “I am a lover of all things beauty and enjoy taking time to slow down and nurture myself. It’s essential. I am always recommending the best that green beauty has to offer, so it was time to create a self care line that embodies all that I want women to experience. It’s all about mothering yourself first.”
Glow Time is the radical self-care practice that a signature part of Latham’s ministry. From Instagram posts to the Mama Glow website, and even in her first book back in 2012, Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy, she preaches these principals of slowing down and ritualizing your beauty and wellness routine. As part of the helping women reclaim their Glow Time, Latham created a RITUAL GUIDE to GLOW TIME, a booklet that accompanies each product set and contains lifestyle tips, rituals, how-to’s, mantras, ingredient information, and inspiration to help make self-care accessible, affordable and actionable for women everywhere.
As a single mother who single-handedly grew her maternity wellness business from the ground up, Latham believes it is imperative to establish a glow time routine as a pathway to self love, personal growth and success in business. She attributes her meditation, yoga practice and ritual bath soaks to the many “aha” moments that have helped guide her business.
The Mama Glow essential self-care line is hand crafted and the signature scent is made from a proprietary essential oil blend. Latham wanted to gather ingredients from the landscape out west, where she is from. The desert grows plants that are extremely resilient and potent with volatile oils, producing a highly effective product. There is love and intention sealed into every jar.
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Rose is a key ingredient found throughout the line. Roses are symbolic of love, passion, and peace. Pure rose Damask essential oil holds the highest vibrational bio-energy vibrating as high as 320 MHz. Rose is Anti-inflammatory, reducing redness and irritation. It calms skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. Rose contains high amounts of vitamin C, which protects and repairs skin from damage, crucial to keeping it healthy, vibrant and glowing. 

Mama Glow will unveil the capsule and debut the DIVINITY SET, honoring the divine feminine in every woman. Announcing February for the month of Love. This trifecta of products includes: A Bath Soak – “Rosy Glow Time” Bath Botanicals, which contains floral essences, deep sea minerals and coconut milk, inspired by the luxurious baths that Cleopatra was know for. This is a bath that you really relish. Its turns the water a pink hue. A Body Cream – “Goddess Glow” Blushing Body Cream which includes key ingredients: chaparral: which benefits include antibacterial and antiviral properties as well as skin healing properties, desert rose and coconut: which is a vitamin and mineral rich moisturizer with anti-fungal properties. This is a cream that you lather yourself in and it smells heavenly. It goes on smooth and absorbs very nicely. A Body Polish – “Sacred Scrub” Desert Sand Body Polish, which includes: sand, wild honey, yucca and calendula. The exfoliant is wonderful to keep your skin radiant. If you are pregnant you can use it to buff away dead skin and bring new healthy skin to the surface, helping to prevent stretch marks.
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The full Mama Glow essential self-care product line is for ALL women especially expectant mamas and will be available online at Good Medicine Beauty Labs, Mama Glow and in select green beauty boutiques in NYC, Brooklyn, Miami, the Hamptons, and LA.

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