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Sai is the founder and creative director of Scout The city, the first mommy/daughter lifestyle blog featuring a 3-year-old street style blogger, London Scout. Move over fashionistas, this kid’s closet is one to covet. Her personal style and confidence is inspiring, London is truly an old soul. Boasting over 100,000 followers on Instagram Sai has fostered a booming business rooted in her love of fashion and her obsession with her daughter and their beautiful relationship captured in glorious images. The mommy and daughter duo have been featured on NBC Today show and various publications including: Bustle, Buzzfeed, Vanity Fair, Refinery 29 and more. We caught up with Sai to find out about her mother daughter bond her style tips and more!

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What are your mother daughter bonding tips?

Find something that you enjoy doing together and take sometime out of your day and do it together. London and I love to dance so we dance around the kitchen almost every night. 

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You often daughter London is your “mini me”, but what has your daughter London taught you?

She has taught me to have patience! I’m a true New Yorker and always lacked patience. Once I had London, I learned to calm down and take things a little bit slower. I really need to thank her when she gets a little older. 

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You and London love to showcase your style, what are some simple style tips you can give to new moms?

Ditch the heels when you’re in the park ladies. You can still be chic in trainers or flats. When you’re with the kids, you have to be comfortable or you will just be miserable. 

What is your go-to toddler recipe that you and London love to make?

We can pretty much make anything as long as it involves our Vitamix! We recently made a carrot and zucchini muffins as well as chocolate chia seed pudding. Both recipes are on the blog.

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London is growing into a big girl, but we’d love to know what your “must-have’s” are when you on the go.

If we are scouting the city together then we don’t leave home without a her mini scooter a luna bar, camera and a bottle of water. 

What’s the best thing about your mother daughter relationship?

We have a very close bond. She is always honest and tells me everything. I hope we will always be this close. 

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Who’s a Mama Glow Icon you admire? Spread the love and tell us about her.

My cousin, Mia De Silva is one of the most amazing mothers I know. She has two daughters and one was born with special needs. She goes above and beyond for her children and seldomely gets a break. She’s driven to educate the world about special needs children all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and positive disposition.  She’s truly beautiful inside and out.  

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Sai’s Glow tips for Luminous Living

  • When you have children it is very important to take a moment to yourself so you can keep that mama glow.
  • I work out 4 times a week and I recently started incorporating raw foods into my diet which has been great!
  • I’m inspired to look and feel great by my daughter. I want to be someone she will always look up to and consider me strong and confident. I want to set examples that she could be proud of. 

Follow London and Sai’s adventures at Scout the City online and on Instagram.

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