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Amanda Chantal Bacon, 32, Los Angeles, founder & CEO Moon Juice

Amanda Chantal Bacon is a world traveling chef, mama to 4 year-old Rohan, sustainable lifestyle leader, and passionate medicinal food educator. When we think of radiant goddesses on the healthy food vanguard, we immediately think of Amanda and her incredible company- Moon Juice. She created Moon Juice to share holistic, nourishing juices, milks, and snacks that serve as high powered remedies, enlightening people with beauty, wellness, and longevity. 

Amanda believes that food is equal part art and medicine; as much about pleasure as healing; and that creativity and sustenance can be one and the same. Originally from New York City, Amanda first became enamored with the beauty of simple ingredients, culinary traditions, and a holistic approach to wellness while traveling the world and meeting healers, artisans, doctors and farmers along the way.

Time at the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont—at the forefront of the farm-to-table revolution—taught her the importance of sustainability, sourcing, and working closely with local producers. Hands-on experience under award-winning chef Suzanne Goin at her restaurant Lucques showed her how to hone in on the perfection already present in seasonal produce. A turn as a Food and Wine Editor at the Los Angeles Times Magazine defined her vision of a shop offering an elegant yet life-altering approach to nourishment. Finally, her own path to self improvement has led her to continually explore the fields of alternative medicine and seek out the tutelage of leading experts.

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In January 2012 Amanda realized her vision and opened Moon Juice—a beautifully curated space where the community can eat, drink, learn and share in the most extraordinary holistic offerings. Today, Moon Juice includes three locations in Venice, Silver Lake and Downtown Los Angeles, a Moon Rover that travels throughout the city, as well as an online apothecary that ships cosmic provisions around the globe.

We caught up with Amanda to dive deep into her vision for optimal health, her self care routine and her glow picks for mamas.

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What inspired you to bring Moon Juice to the world? 

In January 2012 I opened the doors to the first Moon Juice with my 12 week old baby boy strapped to my chest. I was a chef and former Food and Wine Editor who had worked with Alice Waters and Suzanne Goin – I was poised to open a restaurant in LA. Through divine inspiration I took a brief pause to really open myself up to what was truly needed in the world and how to use my voice to change it. I wanted to bridge the gap between the healing world with the foodie world as I had done for myself. The first Moon Juice in Venice CA was a beautifully curated space where the community could eat, drink, learn and share in the most extraordinary holistic offerings. Today, Moon Juice includes three locations in LA, and an active global Moon Family that we supply foods, potions, and lifestyle tools to. 

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What are your favorite glow picks for mamas? 
Pearl – Adaptogenic source of amino acids & minerals

Oh Pearl, makes me smile just thinking about it. My favorite things about this adaptogen is it’s a beautifying cell builder, basically a white magic powder  which releases essential trace minerals into the blood stream for longevity, joy and a serious glow,as well as bone and cell building.Remember when you lost all that hair postpartum and your baby depleted you of all your lovely minerals through breastfeeding. That healthypregnancy glow just up and left. Pearl is your golden ticket to getting your hair, skin and nails back in shape, and bringing the glow back in your life. We get so emptied, a lot of mamas don’t realize how much our babes suck out of us!! 

Tocotrienols –  Bio-Available source of Vitamin E and Skin nourishing beauty food This is a whole food derived from organic Califorinan rice and super concentrated source of vitamins E,D andantioxidants. It is a creamy powder which is a great base for all shakes. Tocotrienols are full of healing properties focusing on tissue replenishing and inflammation taming. It can also help with toxin removal, which can be useful after birth if you were medicated. 

Mucuna Pruriens–  Bio- Available source of L-Dopa, Happy Making System Regulator. This caramel tasting bean is an amino acid, which becomes the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. It elevates mood, creativity, libido and sleep patterns, while soothing the nervous system. Another great herb to use for those postpartum blues or just days when you feel all the weight on your shoulders.  It is actually pretty close to the same type of high you get during breastfeeding from the oxytocin. Us moms run around all day taking care of others, I hit three crashes a day when my energy just bombs. Using this herb as a good pick me up is better than reaching for some chips and cookies!!

Rohan is one of the most intelligent, discerning, and kindest souls I have ever met. I'm so lucky I get to play mama to him.

“Rohan is one of the most intelligent, discerning, and kindest souls I have ever met. I’m so lucky I get to play mama to him.” ~Amanda 

Maca- Bio-Available Endocrine System support This adaptogen is an aphrodisiac, hallelujah and a stress manager. Stress is one of the biggest culprits of health problems amongst mama’s. If we are not looking after ourselves, mind and body, our immune systems weaken. Using Maca daily is really important, it helps the body adapt to stress by counting the negative effects of tension and anxiety. It also delivers an abundance of energy and stamina, which is another problem we suffer from. I can never seem to sustain enough good energy to last me all day without reaching for numerous amounts of coffee! The best part I love about Maca is that it is also mood elevating and balances out our hormones, which lets be honest reallydoesn’t help an already tired, stressed and run down mama. We have no chance to be nice to our loved ones some days… 

What is your glow time routine? How do you practice radical self care?

I nourish my body with good fats and probiotics.  I am a strong believer in the good fat that comes from foods like avocado, ghee, coconut oil and activated (soaked) nuts and seeds. We need good fat for brain function, hormone production, metabolism, weight loss, energy, immune function, and inflammatory response. The fat we eat literally feeds our brain, neurological functioning, and mental clarity that create a healthy, happy and inspired in life. I work non-stop and have a three-year-old, im on a mission and its go, go, go.  I have personally felt the effects of getting enough good fat into my diet and it has radically enhanced my energy, stabilized hormones, and nourished the nervous system. I also eat loads of fermented foods because they are filled with probiotics, which have beneficial live bacteria that prevents bad bacteria in your gut from taking over. I can look at someone’s face and always tell what’s going with their gut. You have to clean the gut first. Then you can start adding things on top like organic creams or essential oils, my favorite is Claire de Lune, the collaboration I did with the brand Odacite.

Get glowing skin with Moon Juice + Odacite.

Get glowing skin with Moon Juice + Odacite.

Amanda’s Glow Tips:

Nourish with healthy fats.

Rewild your gut with probiotics.

Incorporate adaptogens in your diet for a healthy glow.

Learn more about Amanda Chantal Bacon and Moon Juice.

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