Lois Hines: The Beauty Behind Tropical Isle Living


Lois Hines founder of Tropical Isles Living

Lois Hines founder of Tropical Isles Living

We love interviewing fierce mamas who happen to also be incredible entrepreneurs. Self care is such a huge topic for us and Lois Hines, mother of two and founder of Tropical Isle Living shares her perspective on family, tricks to her business savvy, hair care, and Island ease. This woman put Jamaican Castor oil on the map- bringing the wisdom of her ancestral tradition to the forefront of her product line. 

Mama Glow: Many women have to confront their current beauty regimens when they become pregnant. Some start using better products what do you suggest for women looking to stop the hair processing and go a more natural route?

Lois Hines: In order to take care of your beauty on the outside, you must take care of your body on the inside. This concept is especially true during pregnancy. First make sure to take prenatal vitamins. When I was pregnant with both my children,  I didn’t use the prescription prenatal vitamins but went to a health food store and purchased a natural prenatal vitamin and vitamins I researched for pregnancy. Make sure to to eat well, lots of green leafy vegetables and protein! I made a lot of green juices and ate a lot of fruit. When it comes to products, natural products are the way to go. I used our Tropic Isle Living Protein Conditioner and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil as a hot oil treatment to protect my hair from damage. Use All natural oils for the skin and products made with shea butter to decrease appearance of stretch marks . We have an amazing Khus Khus Body Butter that we recommend pregnant woman use the day they find out they are pregnant. When it comes to Oils for hair and skin, take orally as well. Take 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil every other day during pregnancy for hair and skin health.

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What are some of the benefits of Jamaican Castor Oil?

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is excellent as a hot oil treatment to protect the hair, healing the baby’s umbilical cord, and great for soothing achy feet. I do not recommend using on the breast while pregnant and before nursing, however I do recommend to put on the JBCO on the breast after weening the baby from Breast feeding every other day. This is believed to aid in the drying process drying the milk with no residue in the milk duct.*Castor oil is often used as an aid for natural induction technique when pregnancy is overdue as it induces the onset of contractions. 

Many new mothers suffer hair loss due to hormone levels dropping after birth, what’s your go-to routine to promote healthy hair growth? 

Definitely, use the Tropic Isle Living Protein Conditioner to stop hair breakage. Refrain from processing your hair, including using heat. Use a natural shampoo, natural conditioner, and the Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Hair Growth Oil. Everyone’s hair has a life cycle, meaning that your hair goes through phases of shedding and growing. When I was pregnant, I cut my hair into a nice style for easier care. If you do not wish to cut your hair, manage a protective style that requires less stress on the hair. If you have long hair, stay away from ponytails to minimize breakage. Last but not least, make sure to trim regularly and moisture is key!

Your line is inspired by your Jamaican heritage, what are some of the key island ingredients that promote healthy skin and hair care that a customer will find in your products?

In Jamaica, it is said that if you drink Cerasee tea, your baby will be born with beautiful skin. We have a shower gel made with Cerasee for skin therapy and optimal cleansing for beautiful skin.  Other ingredients that are great for pregnant women and people in general are Cocoa Butter, Khus Khus Oil, Aloe vera oil, and Coconut oil. Of course the main ingredient in all of our products is Jamaican Black Castor Oil, the all purpose healing oil. Jamaican Black Castor Oil is also great for the calluses that form on the feet from being pregnant.

Lois Hines and her children at home.

Lois Hines and her children at home.

You’re a mother and a business owner. How do you juggle the demands of family and work? 

I make sure to send off my children for school every morning. I cook breakfast for them and by 8:40 they are out the door. When the kids get home, I’m home as well. While I’m at the business, I am focused on the business. My children and family always come first, however, our business is extremely important. Don’t procrastinate, be very deliberate, be focused, but be patient. I am blessed to have a staff that trustworthy in our absence and that too is the main ingredient- being able to delegate.

We are all about glow time as a pathway to optimal wellbeing. What do you do for glow time to relax and recharge the batteries?

I read, listen to uplifting music, but my main form of relaxation is my Detox Bath. I take this bath twice a day, at 5 am and 6 or 7pm at night. My bath time does not only benefit my body but my mind as well. I also meditate for at least 5 minutes to an hour. I recommend taking Gaba and Magnesium in the evenings to help manage the stress that comes with work and family matters. These vitamins help to calm the nervous system and relax the muscles. Also, have a strong support base, for example a good girl friend that lets you vent, listens, and is always truthful.

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