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Lisa Price & Latham Thomas on Mother’s Day & The Importance of ‘Love Delivered’

Daphne Thompson | May 9, 2021

For Mother’s Day this year, the Mama Glow Foundation and Carol’s Daughter are showering new mothers and moms-to-be with ‘Love Delivered’ gift boxes full of self-care-centered goodies. Love Delivered, an initiative of the Mama Glow Foundation and Carol’s Daughter is working to improve birth outcomes for Black moms and birthing people, which includes providing educational tools, resources for support, informational and community-oriented events and making them feel seen and honored as they step into this new phase of life.

Of course, we are also celebrating the powerful Black mothers behind the Love Delivered initiative, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price and Mama Glow founder Latham Thomas. Ahead of the holiday, we talked to Lisa and Latham about their own mothers, the births of their children (companies included!), and what it means to uplift mothers and Black women all year long.

Can you share a little bit about your mother, Carol, for whom your company is named? 

LISA: My mother, Carol, was the baby of my grandmother’s 7 children. My Nana gave birth to her babies at home and my mother was a breach baby who was turned by my Nana’s best friend. Carol suffered from an illness most of her adult life – she was diagnosed with polymyositis at age 22. But, she never let it get her down or rule her life, and when she could no longer give birth to children, she adopted them. I have 7 siblings in total and I cannot imagine life without them. My mother is strength to me and her superpower was love.  

Latham, what would you like to share about your mother? 

LATHAM: Well, my mother Terry Carter Danziger is a force. She is someone who I learned a lot from and she was my blueprint for self-care. My mom created boundaries around her wellbeing. As a single mother raising two girls, she was under tremendous stress. The way she handled it was through reclamation practices like body work, she got massages to help deal with the tension she carried in her daily life. One of my most cherished gifts is the massage table my mother gave me when I became an adult.

The Carol’s Daughter and Mama Glow Foundation Love Delivered campaign is sending special care packages out to birthing people this Mother’s Day. Can you tell us what’s inside these goodie baskets for new moms? 

LISA: For Mother’s Day, we are gifting 100 new moms with a curated box of self-care treats, including the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Collection, a copy of Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas, and a selection of tea from Black Mama Teas 

Why is it critical for Black Women to reclaim their rest? 

LISA: This is a lesson with which I struggle and am currently struggling. I was doing better at it pre-pandemic. But, something about being in the house, being accessible and available to everyone who needs me, I lost perspective on boundaries. I am grabbing them back now, and it is not easy. But, when we don’t rest or make time for the little things that bring us joy, we can become stressed and even worse, bitter. Bitter and angry at those we love because we feel they are taking advantage when it is us who allow them to do so. 

LATHAM: I have seen in real-time what being obedient to one’s body can do to restore healing. I have also seen the consequences of not actively listening to the needs of our bodies. Reclaiming our rest is critical because it’s something our ancestors never had a chance to do. And the weathering of our bodies physically and emotionally takes a toll on our health.

 What are the parallels you find between raising children and growing a business?

LISA: Carol’s Daughter was my first baby. And the parallels to raising a child made even more sense to me three years in when I became a Mom for the first time. There is so much care, time and attention to be paid to a new business. Everything it is, much like a baby and a toddler, is influenced by mom and dad. Branding, Marketing, voice, purpose. It is too young to know and to know who are its friends and allies. The Creator has to weigh in and advise and guide. 

But, as the child (business) grows, it tests the limits of that relationship. It begins to weigh in on what is right for it. Friends and allies begin to come to you to talk about what they can do for your baby to help it reach its full potential. And your role is still that of fierce protector but, you step back and allow her to stretch her wings and create for herself. 

The analogy is deep for me and I have seen it play out without fail in the nearly 3 decades that I have done this work. 

LATHAM: Cultivating an idea, and birthing it into a business is much like being pregnant and giving birth. You grow something in the darkness and ultimately bring it into the light to share with the world. It expands and grows, takes shape and form, we have people we confide in who support us on the journey, I call them vision doulas- they help nurture us while we give rise to this new thing. And once it’s here, we still need to nurture, guide, and protect it, while nascent. Everything that we give rise to comes from the same space, all of our ideas, our babies, coalesce in the proverbial womb space.

What is one action item we should all take with us today to help preserve and protect the birthing experience for Black mothers and their babies?

LISA: Do not speak about what you do not know. If you have a soon-to-be mom in your life who is talking about her birthing options or her birthing plans and they frighten you because you don’t know or it was not your experience, do research before you speak. Remember this is their story and not yours and part of growth is knowing when to be silent but still present to provide support, even when the view is not a shared one. 

LATHAM: Learn how to advocate for yourself, learn what informed consent means for your care! Visit our page on Mama Glow Foundation to learn more and download the resource guide there to get educated.

Lisa and Latham, you are the queens of self-care. How are you planning to honor yourselves This Mother’s Day? 

LISA: Wow, the Queen? I may be the Queen of advocating for self-care and the Queen of making tools to aid in that process, but, as I said before, I am still a work in progress. Mother’s Day is a day when I like to have quiet. The “have-to’s” of other days, I don’t want them. I like to establish a deep and binding relationship with my bed and some good binge-worthy shows. I also love to go to the movies on Mother’s Day, with my husband or the whole family. Maybe next year for that.

LATHAM: I am planning to be present and rest. I hope to run along the beach, let the sun hit my skin and be thankful for my blessings. Being a mother is a blessing, it’s hard work, and I don’t take that for granted.

Learn more about Carol’s Daughter and Mama Glow Foundation’s new Initiative:  Love Delivered.

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