Lillypots: Convenient Eco-Cookware for Babyfood



Nearly 2 years ago Tam Rodwell became a father. An avid healthy eater, he took great interest in feeding his daughter Lilly at six months, and has developed an incredible product for parents. Introducing Lillypots! Simple, easy to use weaning cookware designed for parents who choose to prepare their own baby food.

Lillypots works much the same way as a poaching pan would as it fits over your existing sauce pan and utilizes the steam from below to prepare the food. It’s designed to fit small to medium pans from 14cm to 180 cm.

Lillypots on the stove top

Lillypots on the stove top

Papa Tam Rodwell, who hails from the UK, wanted to solve the problem that most parents have when it comes to infant and toddler feeding. Parents begrudgingly use a microwave to defrost those small cubes because there isn’t really any alternative. Microwaves destroy a lot of the nutrition in food which is so vital for little ones. They also wanted to avoid plastics as BPA and other chemicals pass into the food when heated.

“We hope to achieve maximum nutrition for babies and make the sometimes difficult task of weaning more enjoyable for mums and dads by offering them the option to separate foods in the early stages and try and discover the likes and dislikes of their babies”, says Tam.

Papa Tam Rodwell & daughter Lilly Rodwell

Papa Tam Rodwell & daughter Lilly Rodwell

Tam says it made his life easier because he and his wife were able to try different foods separately and quickly change by mixing and matching flavors. There is also the added advantage of keeping food warm if left on the stove when defrosted. No mess, no microwaves, and all nutrition!

We definitely suggest you add this Mama Glow Approved product to your registry, and get yours online at the Lillypots website. They ship worldwide.

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