Kelly Rowland Dishes on Her Amazing Motherhood Journey


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Kelly Rowland, signer, songwriter, and new mom dishes her glow tips and gushes on motherhood. When I first met Kelly a few years ago babies weren’t quite on her radar, but she dazzled us with her mama glow factor while pregnant and effortlessly stepped into the role of haute mama six months ago with the birth of her first born son, Titan. I caught up with Kelly in NYC to chat about her personal journey of starting a family, her life as a mama and her new #Amazinghood campaign launched in partnership with Dreft. Kelly and her son Titan will be appearing in a mini-series of video snippets that chronicle the amazing moments they share as a family while celebrating the various stages of babyhood. Consumers can view these videos exclusively on Dreft’s social media channels. Now, let’s hear from Kelly!


Mama Glow: How’s it been since the baby arrived?

Kelly Rowland: A blessing. A true blessing. I have to sometimes pinch myself to remind myself “hey you’re a mom. But when I catch poop in my hand- then I realize- wait, I am a mom! (laughs) These moments are very real.

Kelly & Titan at play.

Kelly & Titan at play. (Credit: Dreft)

M.G: How old is Titan now and what’s he up to?

K.R: He’s 6 months and he’s trying to crawl, he is trying to get his first syllable out. He is watching everyone talking and he is very observant. And he is very aware of his surroundings. Very alert – and I love that about him. He is just a light- my little light.

M.G: What have been some of the lessons that you’ve learned in these past 6 months of motherhood?

K.R: I’ve learned how important it is to be aware of the people I keep around my kid. As far as personalities and energies. That means a lot to me. If there is negativity and I can feel it, I immediately dismiss that person or we remove ourselves from the situation. I know he will experience vibes from people later on, but I don’t want it around me now. I have lost friends over it.

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Floral Inspiration at Kelly’s suite.

M.G: Isn’t it interesting how your friend circles change once you have a baby?

K.R: Oh yeah, very interesting. You have to be prepared for that.

M.G: I love that you are so active on social media about your workouts and living a healthy lifestyle. What are some of your favorite workout tips you would share for new moms?

K.R: You gotta have fun when you do it. Whether that’s with a partner or finding a class that you like. You have to make it fun. And it’s not to be skinny or to look like anybody else, it’s about feeling good. I don’t work out to be skinny, I work out to feel good- that’s the most important thing to me and I think that’s what Jeannette Jenkins, my trainer has really taught me. You don’t want to let too many days go by without working out and the muscles get lax. I work hard and take it very seriously because for me it’s about lifestyle, working out helps me to release stress. I feel like I have a little more of me when I take back that time for myself. So take back that time for yourselves ladies.

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Kelly surrounded by flowers and baby pictures!

M.G: What’s your glow time routine? What are your self care practices that bring you back to you?

K.R: Prayer and meditation. For one, I have an app on my phone called “The Mindfulness App” It’s all blue- it’s a must. For new moms; When my baby was first born- It was important for me to always take a little moment to put on something nice to wear, do my nails, curl my hair, I put on a little concealer, and some lip balm so I felt more like myself. I still wanted to feel cute- you know. You still want to feel radiant, and that natural glow is still there- just bring it out a little more with some mascara girl (laughs).

Kelly & Titan spending quality time.

Kelly & Titan spending quality time. (Credit: Dreft)

M.G: Tell us about your partnership with P&G and the #Amazingness campaign?

K.R: The partnership was so natural and a perfect and organic fit. I was washing all of Titan’s baby clothes like 3 months before he was born with Dreft. And this opportunity to partner came up and it allows me to share milestone moments with the community of moms. I am excited to be sharing some of Titan’s moments as he grows.

M.G: Well, we love you down girl. Keep up the good work!

K.R: Aww thank you God bless you, love y’all too and I love your hat!


View Kelly & Titan’s first “Journey of #Amazinghood” video. Stay tuned for more videos on Dreft’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages throughout 2015.

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