Join the Shop Drop Challenge + Cut Your Clothing Consumption


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It’s the new year and with the rapid season change in the fashion world we see racks of clothing on sale in department stores. Have you ever thought about how much clothing we consume as a nation, and where it all goes?

Founder of and eco-lifestyle maven Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff thought about that question and came up with her own solution. She’s the force behind the Shop Drop Challenge, which is now in its third year.

“I started the Shop Drop Challenge after reading that the average American woman spends $60 each month on clothing, and throws six pounds of textile waste into the landfill,” Sarnoff said. “Once I did the math—there are 160 million women in this country—I realized that this adds up to nearly $10 billion dollars and one billion pounds of landfill waste each month.”

An avid consignment shopper, Sarnoff saw the solution as encouraging women to embrace pre-loved fashion picks, through swap parties or at thrift stores, in order to break the fast fashion cycle of consumption and waste.

In 2013, she created the Shop Drop Challenge at, asking asked readers to pledge not to buy new for 30 days beginning any day in January. In 2014, online consignment giant joined as program sponsor; this year, they’re raffling off a $250 like-new consignment shopping spree as incentive.

More than 200 women have taken the Challenge, and this year’s goal is 1,000—representing a savings of 6,000 pounds of landfill waste. Want to get involved? Visit for more details.

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