Jodie Patterson Launches Doo Bop Beauty



I am hovering over a sleek goody bag full of beauty products tailored for my specific hair, skin, and facial needs, curated by beauty veteran Jodie Patterson and co-founder of DOOBOP beauty. We are thrilled about the launch of the first beauty e-tailer on the scene catering to multi-ethnic women and their beauty needs. DOOBOP curates and edits products for multi-ethnic women, specifically with brown skin tones and textured hair. DOOBOP is approaching beauty in a groundbreaking way, specifically targeting women of diverse cultures and ethnicities who may be marginalized by the majority of beauty brands and retail destinations.

I never realized how much effort it takes for me to acquire all of the products I use- my shampoo from the healthfood store in the West Village, my conditioner from Whole Foods, my face products online, my body wash…yet another store outside of my neighborhood. None of it is in the same location- and how convenient would it be if I could find all of my faves and more all in one place- that would be a dream. Visiting DOOBOP I have discovered new products, editorial features, and instructional video that empowers  consumers to take joy and delight in their experience of beauty.

Jodie has always been tapped into beauty. Her home is adorned with old fashioned perfume bottles, distressed gold framed glass mirrors, potent candles, and the best potions for flawless skin. Her own line of beauty products Georgia by Jodie Patterson is now available at select Whole Foods Market retailers. Aligned with CEO Benjamin Bernet, who spent the past decade at L’Oreal as a senior marketing executive for brands such as Kiehl’s and Giorgio Armani Beauty this brand is going places.

It’s time to pamper ourselves ladies! Log onto DOOBOP and check out the product selection, editorial section, and video tutorials. Finally a place where we can have the best products edited and presented beautifully & all of our product needs (skin, hair, body) met in one stop, plus FREE shipping!! What products are you obsessed with right now that we should know about? Tell us below.

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