Jillian Michaels: How to Get Your Pre/Postbaby Body On Point


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Thursday, December 1st Dr. Mehmet Oz welcomes actor, producer, and fitness coach Jillian Michaels to reveal her secret to having the body you want in every stage of life. Michael’s talks the prenatal, postnatal, and in-between pregnancy stages and how her body playbook helps everyone achieve their fitness goals.

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On what to be mindful of before getting pregnant, Michaels reveals: “…Now when you’re preparing to get pregnant there are a few things you want to be mindful of. You want to get to a healthy weight, right?…Uh, the next thing, though, is you don’t want to overdo it, which most people don’t but studies are now showing us that if you’re a crazy intensity athlete and you’re going six hours a week and you’re going hard, that can actually compromise your fertility. But–so there’s just a little note for you to keep in mind but you can do pretty much anything pre-pregnancy other than go bananas.”

On the secret to bouncing back after baby, Michaels shares: “Oh, God. Here’s the thing. The true secret to bouncing back better than ever is that we don’t really get too far out of shape, and that’s why in the book I had a registered dietician create a complete meal plan and I had, who I have to mention, who I adore, a woman named Andrea Orbeck who is a pregnancy fitness specialist create the workout regimen.”

Tune in December 1st to the DR Oz Show for the full segment.

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