Farm-to-Face Beauty: Tata Harper Skin Care



Those who know me know how much I love skin care products. People always ask me what I use on my skin and how come it looks so youthful. I’m about to let you all in on a little secret, I’ve been using Tata Harper skin careproducts for my face for a 3 years now and I’m in LOVE.

We’ve all heard of Farm-to-Fork, well Tata is leading the Farm-to-Face movement! Her products are chemical free, made from plant essences that grow right on her lush farm in Vermont and the rest of her ingredients are wild harvested in a few special places in the world where the land is well tended with organic and sustainable farming practices. With anywhere from 6-29 active ingredients in each product this line is no joke. Tata is a trained chemist from Colombia who is living the dream.

Tata contributed beauty recipes to my book Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to your Fabulous & Abundant Pregnancy, which was released last November. Don’t let her teenage appearance fool you, the Columbian beauty is the mother of three and has carved out a space for herself in the fashion and beauty scene making organic, plant based, and natural skin care chic- not granola.


I’ve been traveling a lot and when getting on and off planes my skin takes a hit- looses moisture and feels dry. I was thrilled to come home to a beautiful care package from Tata herself yesterday. I opened the box that was packed with corrugated cardboard strips that looked like eco confetti. There was a personal handwritten note from Tata and preciously placed deep inside there was her signature green velvet pouch with gold string containing her Deluxe Beauty Set. I’m like a kid in the candy store now because I LOOOVE pampering my skin and Tata taught me a self care practice that I can do every day to maximize my glow. Her 6 step AM/PM routine for incredible looking skin will change the way you look- forever.

Here are the products I use and go to Tata’s site for more details and to purchase:
1. Regenerating Cleanser
2. Hydrating Floral Essence (like a toner)
3. Rejuvenating Serum
4. Rebuilding Moisturizer
5. Restorative Eye Creme
6. Replenishing Nutrient Complex
7. Resurfacing Mask

Follow Tata’s specific instructions on the site and you will sing her praises as I do. She’s truly on the vanguard of making holistic beauty a widely embraced experience while maintaining total integrity in her product and practices. To learn more about our friend Tata Harper check out her webiste-

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