Interview with Rockets of Awesome Founder: Rachel Blumenthal


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Founder & CEO of Rockets of Awesome- Rachel Blumenthal with her children

Rachel Blumenthal is the Founder and CEO of Rockets of Awesome. A mother of two, Rachel created Rockets of Awesome to offer parents a simple and intuitive way to shop for high-quality kids clothing. Its a new type of box service, you get a box shipped four times a year with twelve items priced at $12- $36 dollars a piece. You are only charged for what you keep. Rachel has an incredible track record of building authentic brands. Most recently, she founded Cricket’s Circle, a trusted resource and editorial destination for everything baby and toddler and the inspiration for Rockets of Awesome. We caught up with the boss-mama to learn more about her latest venture and what makes it so AWESOME! 

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What inspired you to create Rockets of Awesome?

As a mom, I have always believed shopping for kids shouldn’t feel like work and that parents deserve better than what’s currently on the market. Through my own experiences and those of the Cricket’s Circle community, I knew I could create a solution for parents that answered the need for a highly personalized, thoughtful experience instead of the disjointed, time-consuming process that had previously been the only option. Rockets of Awesome was born to simplify the process of shopping for parents and deliver, stylish, high quality kids clothing for an incredible value.

We all know that shopping for our kids and with our kids in tow, can be a challenge, beyond the convenience of eliminating shopping trips- what are the other ways your new company makes our lives as parents easier?

Our goal is to simplify the lives of parents. That means, simplifying the shopping process end-to-end and providing a tailored experience for each and every customer.  Parents no longer have to shop from several different retailers, search for fair prices or style cute outfits on their own. Rockets of Awesome was created to provide a solution to each of these frustrations and give parents back the time they need. This end-to-end, personalized experience is what really sets us apart from your average children’s apparel brand.

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Let’s talk about style- who is designing the collection and what is the look parents can expect to find when browsing?

Our clothing is designed in house by our design team, led by Zia Taylor, SVP of Design and Merchandising at Rockets of Awesome. An innovative and strategic creative, with over 20 years experience specializing in kids fashion, Zia, alongside the design team, introduces thoughtful, original and stylish collections season after season.

The Rockets of Awesome boys and girls collections are designed with both style and comfort at the forefront.  Each piece is crafted with special attention to fabric and construction to ensure kids can still be kids. We design with kids in mind, which means every piece needs to be super soft and comfortable. We also offer a mix of classic and on-trend pieces that work together to mix and match easily – cute, coordinated outfits are now a no-brainer.  New pieces – always comfortable, durable and stylish – are introduced regularly based on purchase patterns and preferences.

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What makes this box different from the subscription models that exist out there?

Rockets of Awesome not only makes shopping simpler for parents end-to-end, but provides stylish, high quality kids clothing at an incredible value. We combine the best of personalization, membership cadence and on demand e-commerce; all through a vertical brand. Designing and producing our own product enables us to capture our customer’s feedback and directly impact the products we produce for them; it also enables us to deliver the value back to the customer.

Unlike other brands, we also require no commitment; instead you only pay for what you want, return what you don’t, with no price increase. We think it’s important to give our customers this option as it’s another way to simplify their shopping experience.

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What are your favorite back-to-school picks?

For girls, the comfy crew is magical – it literally feels as though you’re wearing heaven. It’s absolutely the next big thing in kids (and likely women’s!) apparel. It’s been so popular that we’re bringing the same fabric back in new styles and colors for Winter.

For boys, it’s all about the graphic tees. Our in-house boys’ designer hand draws most of them and they are on the softest cotton!

And for boys and girls, our iconic silver bomber jacket is both a statement piece as well as the perfect everyday staple. The best part about our collection is that all the pieces mix and match to make endless outfits.


To learn more or to get your box visit – Rockets of Awesome

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