Satya Scainetti: The Mama Behind Satya Jewelry


Satya founder of Satya Jewelry

Satya Scainetti- CEO & founder of Satya Jewelry

Satya Scainetti achieved worldwide success by creating stunning, symbolic jewelry that reflects her customers’ personal style and truth. A mother, philanthropist, yogi, and Reiki practitioner, Satya lives a life dedicated to giving back to the global community. She approached friend and coworker Beth Torstrick Ward to co-found Satya Jewelry in 2002. Ever since, Satya has built a devoted global following as she creates personalized, powerful jewelry.

Her ingenuity, social work background, and passion for early childhood education also sparked the creation of the Satya Foundation. The nonprofit organization provides aid to children and families living in impoverished countries, fostering hope, inspiring change, and the opportunity to fulfill their destinies.

Satya Scainetti & Beth Torstrick Ward

Thank you so much for meeting up and for all the work that you do. Can you tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind the name of your company. What is the meaning of Satya?

Satya: The name was given to me by one of my spiritual teachers twelve years ago after our thirty days training. The night I was given the name I had a dream that I was going to design jewelry of all truths and donate money to children around the world. I was a social worker before I designed jewelry. I said to myself “wow this could really make a difference”. So, I call my best friend, and week later we were incorporated. We started designing jewelry. We did big private label business but there was always this idea to make this Satya collection representing all truths. We try and have symbols from every faith, stones that represent every person’s journey. We have been donating money since we started. It’s powerful to be a social worker, yet be the creative behind what we do and touch people on such a deep level with what they’re wearing. We always adorn ourselves. Our pieces are like these little reminders that help you get through the day, remind you of your own truth, your own grace, your own power. You do have courage to get through the day. People over the years email me, “Satya, I just wore my piece and it reminds me when I’m having a moment I’m gonna get past it”. or “Wherever I’m trying to get to whatever I’m aspiring to be or do I’m gonna get there”. So I feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world I get to do this.

What is it you want to evoke in someone when they put on the jewelry?

When people wear something that represents them or really pinpoints what they’re trying to achieve in their lives they radiate. There’s an energy around because over and over again these e-mails I get, “Satya, whenever I wear your piece I get so many compliments” it’s because your energy goes out because you’re wearing something that does have so much meaning. That evokes a conversation. Its not just “oh that looks pretty” but ‘what is that’, “oh this is the symbol of the lotus it represents new beginnings infinite possibilities”. So, it’s that conversation. I like the idea of evoking a conversation around something beautiful. But then going even deeper, this is something that inspires me, it has a lot of meaning around it. And passing it on. Because fashion is so vast and big. Well a lot of it is beautiful, but what does it mean. To infuse right now fashion and spirituality is one of the most magnificent things to do right now. Because we need it, everybody needs it. So that’s the hope. Adorn yourself and then talk about it. Talk about how it makes you feel, talk about the journey you’re on and what this reminds you of.

Satya Zodiac Disk Neckaces

Satya Zodiac Disk Neckaces

What would be some of your suggestions for pieces to adorn yourself with if you’re in the space of wanting to have a baby?

How many mothers are just trying to get pregnant? How many struggling while they’re pregnant after they finally do get pregnant? The moonstone is a really powerful fertility stone. I always go right to the heart. That’s the rose quartz, the cherry quartz, anything that is around that pink powerful vibration of the heart. But I also like to throw in amethyst, because it’s the stone of spirituality and its one of the most powerful stones that represent women. So when you’re meditation or when you’re chanting, to have some amethyst around your heart it also helps amplify whatever you’re trying to bring in.

Its good, we all have to have our spiritual toolkit, what’s in yours?

The power of the mind. If you believe something, its true. You know, and you can obsess about it and it can be a negative thing. Or you can start bringing yourself into these positive thoughts, that this stone is going to help me open my heart up to birthing a child to bringing in that partner I’m looking for, to having a healthy baby I want. So, that mantra that ‘I know I can do this’ is that positive little reminder. It’s that little symbol that says I can. I just read that book to my son the other day. Its this little series of books ‘I can tie my shoe’ ‘I can …’ but I love that. Anyone should be able to say ‘I can’. Start your day out with ‘I can’.

Satya Immersion Bracelets stacked up!

Satya Immersion Bracelets stacked up!

What about beauty? I think that one of the things with moms, especially during pregnancy, is that one of the challenges with changing prenatal body- you’re not feeling as beautiful necessarily. What are some of your tips and ways that we can infuse beauty into our lives or make ourselves feel more radiant and beautiful?

Well when I was pregnant with my twins, and I’m not a big girl, so it was really challenging, I didn’t expect that. I was one of those people who was trying to get pregnant for a long time. I had to go to a fertility round but when I finally got pregnant, I had no idea what was about to happen to me. You never know what’s about to happen. You know the one thing I did, I liked to show my belly. I got a lot of compliments. I would rub my stomach a lot, I would nurture it, I would talk to my babies. And tried to really get into feeling good about where I was. It’s such a challenging question though, “how do you feel beautiful”. A lot of chanting. I’m always listening to mantra, and Kirtan because I feel like that vibration naturally elevates you. Being around really good friends, feeling their support and putting on something pretty… Sometimes it’s just the littlest piece of jewelry or a pretty scarf or some small accessory that reminds you of your own beauty. No one can take that away.

Satya Mandala Pendant

Bestselling Satya Mandala Pendant

Satya, how your mothering has also influenced your work?

I’m a lot more tired than I used to be, to be honest. I had twins and I was hit hard because they came seven weeks early, I was not expecting that. I didn’t even get my  birth bag yet for the hospital. Its been a little discombobulating, they’re six now! Globally women are the multi-taskers in the family. We have to keep the house together, take care of the children. We want to have a career. We want to feel good about what were doing, have our own money. Those that stay home- God bless. But we have to play all these roles. How do you do it? I think one of the things I’ve really learned to do is ask for help. And I am such a ‘I can do it all’ girl, (Capricorn in me). I’ve really reached out and I say I do need help. And I love what people say all over the world, the ancient African proverb- ‘it takes a village’- which doesn’t seem to apply in this country. And I think, one of the greatest things I like to share with mamas is the mantra- ‘you’re doing a great job’. And ‘reach out and you’ll start receiving help’. It’s all about love, and compassion. It’s such a shift in life and people don’t realize. Now more than ever, everybody’s having kids and nobody prepares you. You never know what it’s going to be like. You have this dream of being a mom. It’s a lot of work. My children have taught me to be really smart with my time. thank God for my yoga practice because I can shift. I’ve been practicing yoga for thirty years so I’m able to be with my children, one hundred percent. I don’t look at my phone, I do not pick up e-mails, I am all theirs. When I get to work, I’m able to shift. I got great help at home, and they’re at school now, which is always nice. Cause I have to focus. And I need to make sure I can make that shift. Cause otherwise, nobody’s getting what they need from me. And then I don’t feel good about it at the end of the day. So just being able to put my heart and soul into wherever I am. That’s a lot of yoga. While you’re pregnant do a lot of yoga. Get into that mind of focus, focus.

Tell me about some of the ways that you relax or find glow time. This idea of respite is so foreign to some moms. So what’s something that you do to make time for yourself?

I have a yoga mat in every room. I roll it out all the time.My kids climb all over me. I get into my downward dog and take my breaths. I do it throughout the day. Sometimes I need to kind of get into my body. I’ve got two boys! But I try and make sure I get my little away time, my little retreat here and there. I do a trip to India once a year. I have to do that. We have a foundation, so three schools up in India. So even though I get away from my kids I go and serve the kids there. We play, we make jewelry and we dance. It recharges me. Its interesting as a mom when they’re yours it’s a whole different experience than when you’re serving children. I worked with kids for so many years, so that’s recharging for me. It’s a constant challenge for all of us to find that ‘me time’. I honor all of the moms who are trying to balance life, balance relationships, and balance the workplace.

Satya on one of her many excursions to India

Satya on one of her many excursions to India

What are your three glow tips for luminous living? 

I actually love mantra, and prayer, and Kirtan. The vibration of that music, of mantra, is just so powerful. I actually have in my kitchen, which is centrally located in my apartment, a little iPod that there’s constant chanting in my house. And its low, but I know its there, and that helps me, just to keep that vibration in my home.

I started a mommies group! I think it’s really important that we get together, not only as women but as mothers. To laugh, share stories, share challenges, share ideas, and laugh, cry if you need to. That’s one of the things that recharges, and helps me stay as radiant as I can. Just to be around other women.

I need to get a pedicure, at least once a week, and have somebody rub my feet.

Amen. Satya. Amen.

Lets go get a pedicure!


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