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5 Ways to Bless Your Nursery Before Baby’s Arrival

Emma Love | July 1, 2021

“Nesting” to prepare my baby’s nursery for his highly anticipated arrival was one of the things I enjoyed doing most while pregnant. Painting a beautiful mural, adding adorable books to shelves, putting out toys, and hanging the teeniest of outfits in the wardrobe were all things I did to create an angelic new space for my soon-to-be-born son. But, there was something else very important that I needed to do before welcoming baby boy home into his new space: cleansing the room’s energy. 

We’ve all walked into a room filled with people before and been immediately able to pick up on the vibes, whether they’re bad or good – and empty rooms can be the same. Just as people carry around energy, rooms, furniture, and other inanimate objects can also become stagnant and filled with gloomy, lackluster energy; especially if it’s a room that hasn’t been used in a while or was used for something else, say an office where lots of stressful work was taking place. And you definitely wouldn’t want this energy to be transferred to your brand new, delicate, innocent child. 

So, here are my top 5 tips for creating a sacred space for your precious baby. 

Set the Scene

Create your nursery with intention. Do you want a quiet, calm, relaxing space? Do you want a bright, energetic, creative environment? Muted colour palette, or a bold mural painted on the walls? Invite into your baby’s room the energy you want them to embody. Don’t clutter up a room with lots of furniture, toys, and things if you want a clear space to think. Likewise, if you want to encourage huge creativity and excitement, maybe having lots of artwork and books around is ideal. Whatever it is, consciously create the space with purpose in mind.

Sage It, Baby!

Saging, also known as smudging, is a way to cleanse the environment around us. By lighting that sage, watching the embers burn and smoke rise, you are welcoming positive thoughts into your baby’s space and are energetically clearing the room of any negative influences that may have been present. Saging a room creates a nice new flow of positive energy, ready to welcome baby into. Traditionally it is thought that while the sage burns, its smoke attaches to any negative energy, and as it clears, it takes it with it. Mother Earth then filters this energy and it is sent back into the universe once again. So let that sage burn and cleanse that space. 

Intentions & Affirmations

Carry out these blessing rituals with intention. As you create your nursery space and sage the room, continuously think you are committed to creating a space for baby that is sacred and pure. You can carry out your intentions with more conviction by using affirmations. An affirmation is a statement or declaration of something that is true. Something you want to speak into existence. 

To create a powerful affirmation firstly affirm what is it that you want. Say it in the present tense. Focus on how you want to feel and finally say it with gratitude. You can even sing them aloud if your heart desires. For example, “I am grateful to have this sacred space for my baby where he is safe, protected, and happily sleeps soundly at night without disturbance.”

Your affirmation can be anything you wish to call on for baby and for yourself. Just remember, affirmations work best when they are personal to you and come from the heart. 

Use Your Crystals

Crystals are another great way to usher in specific feelings and emotions. Choose crystals for their specific properties and place them in baby’s room to call on them and experience the healing benefits of Mother Earth’s energies. 

Here are a few of my favorite crystals I placed in my baby’s nursery: 

  • Opalite, for inner peace
  • Moonstone, to aid insomnia
  • Blue lace agate, for calm & tranquility
  • Selenite, to bring spiritual purity
  • Black tourmaline, for protection

(Just remember to never leave crystals where your baby can grab them as they can pose a choking hazard and some can also be toxic if swallowed.)

Say a prayer 

Finally, once your nursery is complete and cleansed, I encourage you to sit quietly, be still, and either pray or meditate, whatever your heart feels called to. Just to give thanks and show gratitude. Gratitude for being able to create such a safe, sacred, space for you and your baby to be and gratitude for the miracle of life that has been planted in you, that you are waiting patiently to welcome Earthside. 

With these tips, I guarantee you, your baby, and your nursery will feel utterly blessed. 

As a certified coach, Doula and Reiki Master, Emma Love uses a range of techniques and her background as a qualified mental health nurse to offer everything from mindset and pregnancy coaching to more alternative treatments such as Reiki, meditation, and crystal therapy, guiding her clients into a life filled with more love and happiness for themselves. Originally from the UK, Emma now lives in the beautifully sunny, Caribbean Cayman Islands with her husband, son, and Italian greyhound. 

You can reach out to Emma about her work or with any questions at, and check out her website at

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