Happy Spring Equinox + New Moon Eclipse


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Glow Time- Meditation on Receiving. “Receive & refine your thinking.” It’s the new moon eclipse and first day of Spring. This confluence of astrological events is designed to radically shift the deep dark muck we stubbornly and habitually hold onto because it’s comfortable and thrust us into change. Nature is change.

This is a potent time for shifting energy, starting over, releasing your old baggage or resentments, making a change to your appearance, getting a makeover and cutting off people and habits that are draining you. The wisdom is already within. You must open up to RECEIVE it.

As a Taurus I know all about that stubborn life and resistance only causes suffering if you’re insisting on remaining stuck in the same stale patterns and deliberately functioning in the past. Embrace the energy of ease. Release any cynicism to change and RECEIVE the energy of what’s new in the air and in the era being birthed now.

Tools for New Moon Eclipse Ritual:

  • Devi half mala by Nala Malas. This mala invokes a sense of calm and inspires confidence and empowerment. It includes stones of: moonstone, aquamarine, and turquoise.
  • Rose Quartz to open channels to RECEIVE love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. Rose quartz can enhance love in virtually any situation. Love yourself more.
  • Meditation Oil by Naturopathica with ancient sacred oils of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Ginger root, Clove, Cardamom, and Sweet Orange to practice mindfulness & promote clarity to RECEIVE through meditation.

What are you ready to RECEIVE this Spring? Make space for it now.

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