HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Own Your Glow in 2015



Are you ready to wield your glow power and claim your divine destiny in 2015? Are you ready to integrate the parts of yourself that you have tucked away out of fear? Are you ready to soften and receive the blessings that await you? Are you hoping to start a family, expand your existing one, settle down with a partner? Are you dreaming up a book, a screen play, a new business? Your faith and relentless light within become a vacuum- drawing every experience, relationship, desire, circumstance required to expand your heart and take you to the next level of consciousness. Give a voice to the parts of you that are fragmented. When you acknowledge any self doubt, any pain, when you delve into the darkness to accelerate healing you make space for cultivation of the best, most robust form of yourself. 

Reflecting on this year I have so much to be thankful for. I have had so many lessons and adventures. So many blissful, blessed births I have attended and witnessed. So many businesses that I helped give rise to. It’s really simple to spread love and inspire if you believe your life is a miraculous expression of divinity- and it is! Discover, embrace, and hone your unique talents. Enjoy yourself as you move through life because that state of joy begets bliss. When you love what you are doing you enter into timeless awareness. So, allow yourself to become more immersed in your inner landscape.

You are light. You are love. You are powerful. The world needs more of you in it so show up, rise up, and glow forth. Punch light into the holes of darkness. Don’t put your dreams on hold any longer. Let it happen! Walk with grace in 2015 and Own Your Glow! Share how you will harness your glow power for the greatest good in 2015. 

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