Happy Mama’s Day! 3 Non-Profits Helping Moms


Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Saluting all mothers of the world. Wishing peace, love, safety, shelter, good food glowtime & pampering. To all mothers-to-be, we wish a safe, healthy pregnancy and empowering birth journey. Check out these 3 organizations that support mothers around the globe.


We salute organizations like Kangu for helping mothers raise funds for healthy birth around the world. Kangu Mamas have access to safe birth services from trained professionals in clean, well-lit settings. These services, offered before, during and after delivery, have been proven to save women’s and babies lives. Support the birth of a Mama in Nepal or Uganda. www.Kangu.org

Mama Hope

Mama Hope works in close partnership with local African organizations to fund the completion of schools, health clinics, children’s centers, clean water systems and food security projects that improve the health and economic standing of the entire community. At Mama Hope they hold the belief that there are enough resources in the world for every human being to live healthy, happy lives. They envision a world where resources are correctly shared across the globe to provide the tools communities need to thrive- we do too. www.MamaHope.org

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts founded by Christy Turlington Burns is a global non-profit org that is working in specific regions to improve birth disparities and improve the quality of maternal health in- Uganda, USA and Haiti. In Haiti they are training new skilled birth attendants, supporting a rural community clinic and educating existing health providers in pregnancy, labor and delivery care. In USA-  they are working to provide prenatal care and childbirth education for low-income, at-risk mothers in central Florida. In Uganda they provide transportation vouchers to pregnant women and enabling them get to a clinic where they can deliver safely and receive postnatal care.  www.EveryMotherCounts.org

Share your blessings and wishes for all mothers below and to get involved and support visit each organization and spread the glow this Mother’s Day.

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