Happy International Women’s Day!


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It’s all about Glow Power & Girl Power. Happy International Women’s Day! Women are the crux of community. We give rise to the future and nurture everything in our midst. We are caretakers, leaders, visionaries, innovators, teachers, healers, warriors, rebels, revolutionaries… We sing a song of hope and that song is imprinted on our hearts and gives us courage to keep the faith, to keep going. So many of our sisters in this world face so much struggle but stand in their glow power and keep on going. Each of us is here because of a woman, because she had the courage to expand her womanhood and cross the threshold to become a bigger version of herself and give life. We women create. Keep on shining. Keep blazing trails. Glow on ladies!!! Share this with a woman who has given you hope and who you want to celebrate!

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