Happy Father’s Day Daddy!


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Happy Father’s Day! I’m grateful to have this man in my life. When I was a newborn my father got into a terrible accident where he was hit by a car while trying to help someone on the shoulder of the highway. He went into cardiac arrest more than once. My life would have been completely different if he weren’t here to help me grow.

My daddy has taught me so much about life has always had faith in me and prayed with me through it all. He’s been a voice of reason and always so calm. I can tell him anything and he listens intently. It’s so important for little girls to feel loved, seen, and heard by their fathers. We had some rough patches along the journey but forgiveness and a will to love deeper continually allows us to move past disappointments and hurt from the past.

I know that healing my relationship with my father paved the way for a healthy and loving relationship with my beloved. Through my experiences as a daughter I learned a lot about how I wanted to parent as well. Most of all I learned to love myself. I learned to look into the mirror each day and know that even if my father was not hovering over me affirming my beauty, talents, and grace that deep within it was already ignited from a young age. I just had to remind myself that it was there.

Thank you for the gift of unconditional love all of the lessons in self worth, thanks for the countless Cabbage Patch dolls and Barbie Houses, thanks for my first pair of Air Jordan’s. Thanks for my first pet turtle. Thank you for teaching me how to ride a bike and for patiently trying to teach me how to drive. Thank you for listening when I cried over boys who hurt my feelings, and thanks for playing along when I would plan make believe weddings. Thanks for all the long drives along the Pacific Coast Highway and blasting Mariah Carey the whole way. Thank you for doing my math homework and faxing it back! Thanks for waiting at the finish line when I ran the NYC marathon and running me an ice bath and watching my son afterwards. Thanks for not yelling at me for missing my flights. Thanks for all the laughs and being a great dad.

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