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Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: How to Improve Your Fertility  Now and Into Your 40s. By: Aimee Raupp

Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: How to Improve Your Fertility Now and Into Your 40s. By: Aimee Raupp

We are living in a time where women are questioning the power of their bodies and their ability to conceive. Just a few generations ago people were concerned with accidental pregnancies, and now we are concerned if pregnancy will occur at all. With women having babies later in life, there are so many questions, so many naysayers and very few people who have a track record of success when it comes to hurdling beyond the common fertility challenges of today.

Through the combination of acupuncture treatment, her own specific diet regimen,  the power of meditation and mindfulness, licensed acupuncturist and herbalist Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc,  has created a complete lifestyle system designed to optimize health and wellness for women.

Aimee believes that women have the power to reclaim their miraculously fertile bodies from the frustration of infertility- a word that she denounces in the very beginning of her book. She is about helping women reframe their relationship with their body and believe in their ability to get pregnant. Aimee has witnessed firsthand the highly successful practice of mindfulness and meditation in shifting into optimal fertility, and alleviating negative emotional patterns and stress. Integral aspects of rejuvenating fertility include venerating her “precious” ovaries, which contain the egg that will one day become a child, and her uterus as her “child’s palace.”

By advocating the use of meditation and mindfulness, Aimee helps women bring more joy, confidence, and peace into their lives, creating an optimal environment for balancing the three vital substances, that must be in balance for health and fertility: Essence, Blood, and Qi. When these are in balance, health and fertility can flourish, as they have for hundreds of Aimee’s patients.

Aimee’s book dives into the following topics:

  • Hot sex & enjoying sex with your partner
  • Eating for optimal egg quality
  • Meditations and mudras for fertility
  • Geting inside your doctor’s head- interviews with top endocrinologists 
  • Finding the natural rhythm of your body- getting your hormones in check.

This is a wonderful addition to your prenatal library. Check out Aimee Raupp’s guest blog post on Mama Glow, Is Stress Affecting Your Fertility?

Get your copy of Aimee Raupp’s new book: Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: How To Improve Your Fertility Now and Into Your 40’s

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