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No one does food chic dining and effortless lifestyle like the French. We know France to be the world’s capital of decadence. The intoxicating scent of fresh baguettes fill the streets, the cafés serving café au lait and pain au chocolate are a dime a dozen. In comes Parisian chic Rebecca Leffler with a new approach to clean, green eating is as stylish and as French as can be! Rebecca Leffler shows us how the French do it in Très Green, Très Clean, Très Chic, a delightful, charming full color cookbook, organized by season to help any food-loving Francophile enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.

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Rebecca’s Socca Pizza!

 Globally inspired, but with plenty of French accents, these 150 recipes are completely vegan and devoid of gluten, and refined sugar—but full of flair. Rebecca tops Salade Niçoise with “tu-no” fish, and puts her clean Parisian spin on New York classics like pizza (made with her favorite fauxmage) and “chic cake.” It’s time to say oui to color, flavor, happiness, and health!

Pretty in Pad Thai

Pretty in Pad Thai

The book covers pantry must-haves, to morning juice blends, superfood snacks, to home spa treatments made from ingredients in your very own kitchen.  It’s a healthy recipe guide with yoga sequences, holistic medicine tips and positive playlists. There are guest recipes, beauty and yoga tips from Elena Brower, Tata Harper, Rose-Marie Swift (RMS Beauty), Tara Stiles, etc. It’s a Mama Glow Must-Have and a glorious addition to your green kitchen. Rebecca was the France Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter in Paris and host of a TV show on Canal+. Her book “Green Glam & Gourmande” debuted in France in March of 2014. It’s already a best-seller there and was launched in four languages since.

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