Glow Worthy Books: Make Your Own Rules Diet by Tara Stiles



Tara Stiles, Yoga Rebel and founder of STRALA is ready to share her personal story and how she found her way into living radiantly and by her own rules in her new book, Make Your Own Rules Diet.

I’ve personally been down the road to being connected, disconnected, and back home to being reconnected. And believe me: there is no place like home! This isn’t another quick fix or fad. This is the real road back to you living above and beyond your ideal health, energy levels, and vibrancy. ~Tara Stiles

Using Make Your Own Rules Diet as a personal guide, you’ll get in touch with what is important for you, your body, and your health. Tara offers a pathway to clear your mind, stretch your body and connect with your intuition so you literally crave what’s good for you. And you do it on your own terms, without deprivation, without rules and without arbitrary restrictions. Tara guides you step-by-step to a complete transformation!

We have to get back in touch with ourselves. We have to recognize our habits and reactions—the wiring that guides how we handle stress in our lives. And we can reprogram it so we react in healthy ways and have healthy desires. ~Tara Stiles

Get in Touch by Working Your Mat, Your Cushion and Your Kitchen:

  • You’ll cultivate a yoga practice at home using one of the many sample routines included in Make Your Own Rules Diet
  • You’ll begin a daily meditation practice to help you calm the mind and connect with intuition
  • You’ll get a 5-Step Kitchen Kick Start about getting pumped with wholesome, delicious and hard-to-resist food that you’ll love eating.

Make Your Own Rules Diet is also NOT about cutting or counting calories, working out all the time, or worrying about everything.

  • A step-by-step goal-setting process so you can figure out where you want to focus
  • Illustrated yoga routines designed to up energy levels, curb cravings, and enhance peace
  • Simple breathing and meditation practices to soothe the soul
  • 50 easy, delicious, plant-based recipes that can be made in minutes
  • A 7-day kick-start program and a 30-day plan to launch your healthy, happy, radiant transformation

And of course Make Your Own Rules Diet has some amazing dessert recipes included because, as Tara says, a life without indulgence is a life without joy. Indulging in the sweet things of life—desserts and other adventures—reminds us that we are here to enjoy ourselves.

Get your copy today!

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