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Clean Design, By: Robin Wilson

Post by: Briana Williams

Robin Wilson introduces a eco-friendly way of living through her lifestyle and decorating tips in her book Clean Design. She teaches us how to build a less-toxic home environment so that those of us with allergies or asthma are protected in living spaces. Robin Wilson defines her main principles as: sustainable, reusable, recycle, and nontoxic. From the materials to the organization of a room, Wilson ensures that the living space is sensible, clean, and eco-friendly.

Clean Design shows you how to design and decorate your baby nursery so that when your baby is born, he or she is not exposed to any harmful toxins or bacteria, as their immune systems build up and become stronger.

Robin Wilson’s 7 Guidelines to A Healthy Home:

Choose Eco-friendly, Baby-Safe Furniture

Finding toxin-free children’s furniture is extremely important. More and more manufacturers are adding eco-friendly baby furniture to their lines. Make sure you are shopping with a good retailer who works with eco-friendly retailers and knows their craft.

Select a super safe mattress

Wilson says, “Buying a nontoxic crib mattress is the single most important purchase you can make to your baby’s health”. Mattresses can be major sources of toxins and bacteria in your baby’s environment, and as their immune systems build, this serves as a major health issue. One piece of advice Wilson gives us, is to stay away from brand names.

Protect against Dust Mites

Dust mites cause allergy and asthma symptoms. Research proves that “reducing contact with allergens such as dust mites may delay or prevent a baby or child from developing allergy or asthma symptoms.” You can reduce dust mites in your nursery by encasing your crib mattress with hypoallergenic covers or even going without blankets or bumpers, as all they do is collect dust.

Choose Nontoxic Products for Walls, Floors, and Windows.

Not only should your furniture and toys be non toxic but so should your paint and floor products. Paint with non toxic paint and instead of having wall to wall carpet, opt for hardwood floors and an area rug, as carpets trap dust, dirt, and allergens.

Keep the Room Super Clean

This one goes without saying, but you must keep your baby’s room super clean at all times. It is important to remember that allergens and dirt will still make their way into the nursery, but you can get rid of them by cleaning. Vacuum floors at least once a week and be sure to mop hardwood floors as well. Wilson recommends using toxin-free soaps and cleansers.

Ensure Good Ventilation.

You can easily improve ventilation in your nursery; you can use a stand-alone filter or add additional ventilation into the nursery. You can do this by changing your heating or air conditioning filters throughout your home. An alternative is to open the window a bit, when pollen is not high.

Keep Humidifiers Clean

“Some pediatricians suggest running a cool-mist humidifier in the nursery when a baby has a cold or congestion”. If you use a humidifier you must make sure to clean them daily as they collect dust and dirt easily. (Only use humidifiers if recommended by your baby’s doctor).

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