Elena Brower’s Glow Tips for Spring Soul Cleaning


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When I think about the amazing pantheon of yoga teachers and luminaries Elena Brower is among the best! Her center VIRAYOGA was a haven for flocks of yogis around the NYC area and beyond. She is a thriving mama, author of Art of Attention, Elena has taught yoga for 16+ years. Elena has brought her yoga into the Museum of Modern Art, to the Great Lawn at Central Park, from the playa at Burning Man to the Eiffel Tower. Elena offers large-scale experiences of yoga to thousands, but her true service is in shifting awareness within the smallest interactions; one family, one household at a time. She’s been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Element Yoga for Beginners DVDs, ABC News and NBC News. We are thrilled to feature her lifestyle tips.
Elena’s 5 Glow tips for Spring Cleaning from deep within

1. Do Better. Every night at bedtime, ask your kid /family/partner/SELF what you could’ve done better today. It’s the most empowering thing to give the people around you a voice, and the feedback is exceptional, and the lines of communication really need to be opened.

2. Meditate as often as you can, even 5 minutes a day. Studies show that our brain functions better with just a few minutes of sitting each day. Even if you simply watch the air flow in and out of your body, those moments of pause yield important clarity and make us better listeners.

3. Practice Yoga. Practice slow, Yin or restorative yoga, even a few minutes a day. Those moments help us connect consciously to the natural process of healing that our cells are always trying to accomplish, which we hinder with all the activity and fast-paced movement.

4. Apologize. Whatever you do, even if you think it can be swept under the rug, apologize. Be the one who says sorry first. Recognize how you contributed and apologize.

5. Love yourself with Reiki. Laying your own hands on your own heart, or your own belly, helps keep you stay grounded and connected to yourself and your wellness. It’s a wondrously simple but profoundly healing practice.

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