Glow Time: Swaddle Yourself in Sweetness.


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How often do you speak blessing on yourself? We are all good at being self critical, but when do we really take the time to lift ourselves up? I want you to develop a sweetness practice. Do you celebrate the sweet moments in your life or are you too busy to take it all in?

Sweetness meditation:

Find or create a space in your home where you can set aside 5 minutes for yourself. Place things there that make you feel warm and fuzzy- flowers, candles, seashells, pictures of loved ones etc.

Then either light a nice slow burning candle or incense, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and sit for a minimum of 5 minutes to meditate on the sweetness of your life; All of the goodness that has come your way, all of the sweet things you encounter in your day. All of the angels along your path. All of the joy you hold within.

After a few minutes write down the things that came up for you:

▪  what do you love about your life?

▪  what about your own sweetness would you like to share?

▪  what do you want to attract into your life?

This meditation creates a sense of wonder and appreciation and taps us into our inherent goodness and begets more sweetness by creating a vacuum that draws it even closer. Swaddle Yourself in sweetness.

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