Glow Time Detox: Interview with the founder of Pursoma



Most people think about juice cleansing when they hear the word “detox”. I think of  “glow time”, a radical self-care practice that involves rest and relaxation, massage, healthy eating and juicing, digital detoxing, and soaking in solace. I love taking a hot bath, turning off all of my devices to just tune inward. Mama-to-be Shannon Vaughn, founder of Pursoma has developed a eco-friendly, organic, hand-harvested beauty product aimed at helping people reclaim  their health, normalizing detoxification, and rejuvenating the body from within. Pursoma baths are designed to help the body release toxins accumulated from heavy metals, and damage from daily stressors. We connected with the beauty and brains behind Pursoma to get her glow tips for maximal wellbeing!

MG: We at Mama Glow are all about taking luxurious baths to relax and reclaim wellbeing. What is it about bath soaks that inspired you to start this company?

Shannon Vaughn: Pursoma baths are more like treatments. After the post bath and sweat it out period, there is a sense of relaxation but our baths are aimed more at rejuvenation versus simple relaxation. I founded Pursoma after I became sick and decided to heal myself holistically with the help of a holistic practitioner. One of the remedies they recommended was a detox bath. These baths were very therapeutic but very difficult to formulate. When I finally felt better I wanted to make this method of healing available  to others.

MG: What about the herbs and clay makes it so potent?

SV: Clay has a very powerful quality to adsorb and absorb, meaning it can pull toxicity out of your system and it can also hold the toxicity in the clay particles. This is why we advise no more than 20 minutes  in the tub so that the clay does not release the toxins it has absorbed from your body.

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Pursoma Ressurection Bath: Salt, Clay, Seaweed

MG:There is a lot of focus on cleansing with juice fasts and elimination diets. Do you think there will be an emergence of the soaking detox?

SV: I think that the soaking detox is a great add on to any fast or detox cleanse. The process is magnified when one is doing other things to draw out toxicity. I also believe that once people use a detox bath they feel rejuvenated and end up incorporating the baths into their weekly regime.

MG: I love that you have a digital detox bath because we at Mama Glow are always encouraging moms to “phone fast”. This is a ritual way to release us from our tech obsession and dependency and be more present. What’s your perscription for a perfect digital detox?

SV: I have 5 simple tips for everyone.

  • Use Headsets!!! Never have the phone on your body or your head.
  • Always make sure you take a break! If you work on a computer you should give your eyes a simple exercise every 20 minutes that will allow the muscles to refresh. This will prevent your eyes from tiring which can cause potential problems down the road.
  • Never take the phone with you to meals even if you’re at a working lunch at your desk. It’s crucial to give yourself a break.
  • If mothers are breastfeeding they shouldn’t be using a phone. If they absolutely must use a phone then they should look for a shielding product that will aid in protecting you and baby from EMF’s (electromagnetic fields caused by cell phone radiation).
  • Nobody should sleep with a phone close to the bed. Instead use a separate alarm clock and try to keep the phone outside the bedroom (not too far if you have teenagers to worry about, but away from your sleeping area).

MG: You’re a mama-to-be, what’s your self care routine look like?

SV: I’ve taken a break from detoxing and I don’t take super hot baths. I’ve had to make a lot of changes to my normal self care and thus lots of adjustment to stay healthy. I still drink a green juice every day. I also take E3 Live because it has ton of minerals and I   can’t swallow those large prenatal vitamins.

I do take warm baths with the Pursoma Ocean Potion Bath and try to include a minimum of 30 min of cardio per day. I use lots of coconut body oil on those areas that have a tendency to stretch.

I drink a TON of water. The 1st trimester I wasn’t feeling so great and couldn’t drink a lot of water and it really made me feel sluggish. Now I am back to 3-4 liters per day and feeling much better.

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Shannon’s Glow Pick for Mamas-to-be!

MG: What product would you suggest for our mamas who are busy, on-the-go, and in dire need of some “me time”?

SV: The Ocean Potion bath is a great way to squeeze in some healthy down time. The bath is mild, hydrating and very rejuvenating for the skin. The algae in the bath works to reduce cellulite and skin tone.

I’d suggest 5 minutes of dry brushing before stepping into the tub. This will enhance the effect and move things around in your lymphatic system. Follow with a good quality coconut oil all over the body. Fruit acid peels are another great way for mamas- to- be to relax and feel good. The skin is constantly changing during pregnancy in a much more extreme way. My go-to facial is anything with good quality fruit acid peels. This will also help mamas to be who experience dark spots that can appear during pregnancy.

MG: What else is in store for Pursoma?

SV: Our focus is always to create products that combat urban toxicity so we are currently working towards homeopathic remedies that you ingest. We are also working towards developing new ways and products that protect us against our tech infused world.


 *** If pregnant make sure to keep the bath water around 98 degrees fahrenheit- close to your own body temperature or slightly below. ***

Learn more about Pursoma products and helpful tips around reducing radiation exposure.

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