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Glow Time at AIRE Ancient Baths

| January 20, 2014


It’s early on Saturday morning and I am coasting down the West Side Highway to make it onetime for my reservation at NYC’s most enticing and exotic bath houses- AIRE Ancient Baths. Located in the heart of Tribeca, AIRE boasts 16,000 square feet of pure peace on earth. Unlike other bath houses in the city- AIRE is pristine, and well worth the $75 cost of entry. Instead of large groups, there will only be about 25 people per 90-minute block, plus you can indulge in a staggering suite of amenities. Pools of hot, warm, cold, and ice water, modeled after Greco-Roman and Ottoman rituals, steamy, dark and candle-lit, transports you to bliss. Glow in the grotto with jets and float in salt baths and feel sweaty and swaddled in a steamy hammam. You can tack on a massage  treatment starting at fifteen minutes to an hour and two to four hands for $95 to $210 or book a special treatment—with someone special- a private bath which takes place upstairs in a private area in the upper level of the building where a custom-made pool has been built to fit one or two people. The ritual is enhanced with milk, olive oil, citrus, or champagne. The rituals are the most holistic experiences at Aire. Aire is a sanctuary and a must for Mamas.


Plan a date with a girlfriend, I go with my pal Meggan Watterson and we soak and catch up on a weekday afternoon- when it’s less busy. Make a Mama’s Night out of it- AIRE is open daily from 9-11pm. Or get your glow on with your partner and have a spicy spa day without the kids. It’s important to make glow time for yourself- to recharge your batteries. Know someone you want to gift, AIRE has beautiful gift certificates!


Don’t have AIRE near you? No problem. When I can’t take time away to head to the baths- I make time at home…glow time!
Indulge in hot salt soaks and fragrant baths by candle light.
Shut off all cell phones, and electronic devices, light a scented candle, and soak for a minimum of 15 minutes. While in the tub- practice deep breathing long deep full breaths- inhale through the nose, exhale through the nose. Mantra-
“I mother myself as an act of self care”
release any worry and don’t attempt to multitask. We have to commit to making time for respite on a daily basis- even if it’s 20 minutes you take for yourself daily. Take time for YOU! Because guess what, YOU deserve it! How do you recharge?

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