Glow Quotes: Shine The Light Inside of You!


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Glow Guidance – Each of us is on divine mission and come here fully equipped with a GPS (Glow Power System) this system is embedded in our soul and ignited when we stay on mission- following our dreams, goals, and high level desires. Your GPS is working to guide you to pleasure, peace, and positive outcomes. Your GPS also guides you to lessons that you are destined to take along your journey. Some times it’s not the quickest route, often times we are detoured and on service roads before we get back- but usually we have learned something profound along the way.

Our Glow Power System lights the way for us. Deep within you know you have something to give, a soul purpose, a holy offering to the world. If you are already on that path, keep trusting your GPS to guide you. If you haven’t yet allowed yourself to listen to and answer the calling let me gently remind you. Your inner light won’t quit- it’s not supposed to. Even if you tuck away your talent, burry your goals, toss your dreams to the wind- that light will keep shining reminding you it’s still there, ready to help guide you towards more light and a bigger life. When we trust our GPS we are rewarded and so is everyone else. People benefit from you tapping into your own grace, from you being yourself, owning your glow. Shine forth and watch what happens in your midst. Stay on mission. Glow Boldly!

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