Glow Quotes: Make it ‘Til You Make it (Ain’t no “Fake” in the Hustle)



I know that the old saying “fake it ’till you make it” is meant to say, however the language we use to describe our journey or anything in life is important. There is nothing fake about your journey- the hustle is real. When you are aspiring to achieve a goal, when you are positioning yourself for something you aren’t yet ready for but are calling it in, you aren’t faking- you’re becoming- there is a difference. 

You are rising in consciousness, in spirit, in flesh, and aligning your actions so they are pursuant with that goal or experience- that is embodiment. It’s not “acting as if” it’s a conscious choice “to become” ready for what awaits you. 

It’s a knowing that what you long for on a soul level is also making its way into your orbit. So rather than faking, you’re moving with faith. You are putting the work in, focusing on your own path, creating a vacuum drawing what you desire to you and only you. You won’t have to focus your energy on making it happen, you can simply sit back and let it happen. 

Make it ’til you Make it, is about exploring your creative edge and maximizing your creative capacity- not by force, but by grace. It’s a divine process of creation vibration. Allow yourself to bloom, allowing time to ready everything in your orbit as it draws near. 

While you are ” becoming”, put the work in, don’t cut corners when baking a cake. Everything takes its own time. Hold your vision high, never loose sight no matter how dark it gets along the way. Remember all things grow in the dark. Own your glow and it will light your path along the way. 

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