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We are always on the hunt for the next best beverage and snack to share and love a new product on the market- @Our True Roots TigerNut Horchata. I grew up in California and have fond memories of drinking Mexican Horchata- which is made from soaked rice and cane sugar, and I had yet to find a healthier version of one of my beloved childhood beverages, until now. The original Horchata recipe from Valencia, Spain calls for TigerNuts. You probably want to know, what is a TigerNut after all? TigerNuts are a vegetable root, not nuts. In fact, over 2 million years ago our earliest human ancestors, relied upon this root to fuel up to 80% of their diet and TigerNuts were one of the earliest crops man cultivated. Even the ancient Egyptians have historical documents depicting these roots.

So, what’s the big deal about this little root? Well, Organic Gemini is bringing this historical food source back in a big way. TigerNuts are the number one food source for a type of fiber called resistant starch (starch molecules that resist digestion, functioning kind of like fiber, a pre-biotic). TigerNuts provide nourishment for a healthy and robust immune system, preventing against disease. Mariam Kinkladze, founder of Organic Gemini (which produces TigerNut Horchata) knows first hand about the benefits of TigerNuts, having received a diagnosis a year and a half ago that she was bearing a cancerous cyst that was caused by endometriosis, Mariam decided to take her health into her own hands. Using a therapeutic diet of whole foods, raw vegan foods, low gylcemic fruits and vegetables and self reflective practices like yoga, and self care, as well as learning more about the incredible benefits of the TigerNut and incorporating it into her dietary protocol.

Mariam Kinkladze founder of Organic Gemini

Mariam Kinkladze founder of Organic Gemini

Phosphorous, together with calcium, constitutes the bulk of the mineral substance of the bones and teeth. It plays a part in the formation of ATP, an energy compound indispensable for “activating” glucose, fatty acids, etc. It improves intellectual performance.

Potassium is the most important neural element in intracellular behavior. It plays a part in numerous enzymatic reactions and in important physiological processes, such as cardiac rhythm, nervous conduction, muscle contraction.

Vitamin E plays a role in the formation and functioning of the red blood cells, muscles and other tissues. It is thought to have a preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Vitamin C its main functions are: Antioxidant; Encourages the absorption of iron; Helps maintain vitamin E levels; key for the immune system and for preserving the tissues and healthy blood cholesterol.

Low and behold Mariam Kinkladze was able to not only shrink her cancerous cyst, but cure herself without surgery and the best part of it all, she got pregnant after following the protocol for three months! “Not only did my treatment plan eliminate my cyst, but it healed my body in so many ways that it actually increased my fertility level”, says Kinkladze. Her son Lukas is her living miracle and an example that when we go back to OUR TRUE ROOTS, and simplify our diets and take time to slow down from the busy lifestyles we lead that we find that each of us has a resilient body that will heal itself.


For more info on @Our True Roots visit them online. Available for purchase at Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca.

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Fall in love with @OUR TRUE ROOTS. Explore all of the flavors: Original, Coffee, Bee Pollen, Chai and Unsweetened. We are giving away a sampler of all flavors to 3 lucky winners! Follow @OUR TRUE ROOTS on Facebook,  Twitter & Instagram.

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