Glow Foods: The Butcher’s Daughter- A Vegan Farm-to-Table Oasis


Interior of The Butcher's Daughter

Interior of The Butcher’s Daughter

Its a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon and I head down to brunch in the very popular Nolita section of NYC to meet my friend Tara Stiles. We decide to meet at the über cool cafe that’s reframing the “farm to table” movement for veg lovers and vegans- The Butcher’s Daughter– part juice bar, part cafe, and self proclaimed “vegetable slaughterhouse”. The Butcher’s Daughter serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch in a 35-seat sunlight-drenched space. During the Spring and Summer months, their sidewalk terrace expands with an additional 30 seats outside. This cozy cafe has a French Provence vibe. The interiors are home to exotic plants, ferns, and succulents as well as thoughtfully placed antique found objects, kitchenwares, burlap, and coarse rope. I am immediately transported when I walk through the door. Tara and I take a seat at the bar as the place is jam packed with downtown artist types, hipsters and new age foodies. The bar stools swivel as we sit Indian style and gaze out the window- people watching.

Attention to Details- The Butcher's Daughter bar seating.

Attention to Details- The Butcher’s Daughter bar seating.

We immediately put in our juice order and I’m in the mood for something mild but not at all sweet. Our waitress, who’s cheery disposition is contagious, suggests the Eastern Promise (love the name), which is flavor packed with Lemongrass, Anjou Pear, Ginger, Cucumber, Lime, and Kaffir Lime Leaf- what a blend. This is a great juice for cleansing. I start with that and filtered water with fresh mint leaves, which come in a gorgeous glass bottle. Owner Heather Tierney, who is also co-owner of Pulqueria and Apotheke in Chinatown, wanted to create a concept that looked like a butcher’s shop but without the meat. Instead of meat hanging from butcher hooks, she has plants, and hearty vegetables in position.

Goddess of Green Juice & Mint- hinted water

Eastern Promise Juice & Mint- hinted water

It’s time to order so I get one of the most popular dishes on the menu- the Spicy Kale Caesar Salad. Which is consists of baby kale, avocado, almond parmesan, crispy shallots, and 7 grain croutons, and I add tempeh on top- and hold the croutons. It is pure heaven. The mix of spicy, savory, and crunchy elements really hits the spot!

Spicy Kale Caesar Salad

Spicy Kale Caesar Salad

If you want to graze on the go- or just don’t have time to wait for one of the coveted seats at the cafe, you can visit The Butcher’s Daughter Market- adjacent to the cafe, which offers local and seasonal produce, vibrant bottled juices, freshly baked vegan goods, artisanal teas, pastas, olive oils, and other beautiful things you didn’t realize you needed to spruce up your kitchen. It’s one of those places that makes you feel at home and as if you never want to leave.

The Butcher's Daughter Market

The Butcher’s Daughter Market

They pride themselves on a rotating menu that changes daily and really believe in sourcing from local farmers. You can find out exactly who they source from on their website, which is rare in a world where most of us don’t even know where our food comes from. Heather Tierney wants to contribute to a movement that is rapidly heading towards more conscious eco-centric plant-based eating, and The Butcher’s Daughter provides a dining space where people of all dietary persuasions can converge and relish in a great meal- vegetarians, vegans, omnivores and total carnivores. On the dining menu there is a section for Charcuterie, the branch of cooking devoted to prepared meat products- but don’t expect to find a single animal product on the list. Instead Mushroom Walnut Paté,  White Bean-Fennel Sausage, and Cashew Ricotta and Fig Mostarda- all completely vegan.

Trio of Red, Orange, and Golden goodness.

Trio of Red, Orange, and Golden goodness.

For those who want to explore a food and juice cleanse combo- The Butcher’s Daughter offers several cleanse packages to meet your needs. Their Cleanse & Trim Packages are designed to give your digestive system and body a break from all the toxins we normally intake from foods. You can indulge in their amazing raw food dishes while doing the juices and smoothies or simply juices and smoothies alone.  You can choose a 1,3, or 5 day package and the prices are $55 / $150 / $250. All of the juices are bottled in glass.

When the weather is nice- this is a great place for moms to meet up with their babies and toddlers for a wholesome bite to eat while seated outside.

For more info visit The Butcher’s Daughter 19 Kenmare at the Corner of Elizabeth street, NYC

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