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Fertile Alchemy Founder, Bri Braggs Talks Conscious Conception & Optimizing Fertility

| April 25, 2020

For National Infertility Awareness Week we wanted to celebrate the work of a wellness practitioner who has committed herself to improving the experience of the fertility journey for her clients. Bri Braggs the founder of Fertile Alchemy, a lifestyle brand rooted in reproductive wellbeing. We caught up with Bri, who recently gave birth to a baby boy, to learn more about her philosophy and how she is mothering herself along the way. 

Mama Glow: What part of your journey led you to the realization that you were meant to work in the holistic fertility space?

Bri: From a very young age I knew I wanted to work with women, I just wasn’t sure how that would look. It wasn’t until I got married that I started getting really serious about family planning and preconception health. At the time there wasn’t much focus on preconception health outside of taking vitamins and exercising. I knew there had to be so much more to it, and of course there is. There is so much that women don’t know, so much that we just aren’t taught. Because of this, I grew extremely passionate about teaching women body literacy, and helping women prepare their bodies for pregnancy. I have been fortunate enough to do this as a career.

Tell us about your work and how you hope to change the world?

I help women create a new narrative around their reproductive health. Some are ready to get pregnant, some have no desire to ever have kids. No matter what their desire is I meet them where they are, and give them the tools they need in order to get in touch with their bodies and fertility. Fertile Alchemy is a holistic lifestyle brand with both curated content and commerce designed to support you from preconception and beyond.

What was your fertility journey like?

My fertility journey started five years before we decided to get pregnant. My husband and I practiced what is called “conscious conception.” This practice involved working on ourselves physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This looks different for everyone, but for us – we both went to therapy to work through generational trauma, we got over mental blocks, and spent a year really focusing on nutrition and nourishing our bodies.

You just recently had your first child, congratulations! What have been some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in new motherhood?

The fourth trimester is really hard. Yes, this is talked about. But not enough. My baby is just a month old right now, but the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far is that. “I am the Mama!” This means ultimately I get to call all the shots. I can set boundaries, ask for help, say no. I don’t need permission to mother.

Your brand Fertile Alchemy produces a healing oil with multiple uses. Can you tell us what some of the benefits are to using our aromatic oil?

Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil is designed to promote feminine balance. My clients and customers have had really great results from, getting pregnant to reducing menstrual cramps. It’s really an all-purpose oil designed for any phase of life. My teenage cousins use it, all the way to my mother, it is for all women.

fertile alchemy healing oil
Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil for Feminine Balance

Self-care is so integral to your work. What does self-care look like for you in new motherhood?

Self-care is not as easy as new mother, I have to find pockets of time to nourish myself. This looks like taking a long hot shower while my baby naps, letting his dad feed him a bottle when I need a moment to myself, and making myself a cup of tea in the morning before baby wakes.

What are your top three tips for optimizing fertility?

  1. Gain body literacy. Learn exactly how your menstrual cycle works from both a physical and energetic perspective.
  2. Focus on nourishing your body. This means eating a nutrient dense diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, make sure you’re getting enough protein also.
  3. Focus on reducing stress by moving your body, getting enough rest, and prioritizing your mental and emotional wellness.

As a black woman and new mother, what is your wish for other black mamas?

My wish is for other black mothers to have the support they need to advocate for themselves and their children. I want each of us to know and understand that we deserve equal rights in healthcare, our pain should be acknowledged, and our voices listened to.


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