Feast without the Fuss: Cheeky Paper Plates



Cheeky Paper Plates Aim to Feed the Hungry

When you have to grab paper plates and napkins for a party at your kid’s school the choices are, well, boring. White flimsy paper plates or a glossy paper finish that’s a bit more enforced but equally as boring as the others, dominate the paper goods section of the grocery aisle. In comes Cheeky- a social startup that brings high-end design to boring paper plates. Launching in U.S. Target stores nationwide, Cheeky’s paper and plastic tableware including: plates, bowls, napkins, cold cups, hot cups and cutlery is tied to their giving model and is intended to help end hunger one meal at a time. In partnership with Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization, Cheeky aims to provide 10 million meals to Americans facing hunger by the end of 2015- now that’s worth toasting your paper cup to!


According to a recent USDA report, 1 in 6 Americans face hunger. With the cost of food on the rise and underemployment continuing to be a problem, more than 46 million people are receiving food assistance from the Feeding America network. An astounding 90% of recipients are not homeless – they could easily be your neighbors or your children’s classmates. Now when you throw a holiday party you can mix and match prints to create and customize your own unique, Cheeky place setting and fight against hunger at the same time. All Cheeky products are BPA free. Cheeky napkins are made from Rainforest Alliance and FSC certified paper from responsible sources and their plastic cups are made from recyclable materials. 

3 Ways to Get Cheeky with it this Holiday Season!

Get Cheeky with Mocktails- Have a mocktail party without worrying about the stemware. Keep the China in the cabinets and ditch dish duty. Use Cheeky cups and plates for crudite, crackers, cookies, and more.

Get Cheeky with Leftovers- We all have those days of left overs after Thanksgiving dinner. Somehow there is too much food to humanly consume. Share your scrumptious sides on Cheeky plates- and omit the worry about your glassware or plastic containers having to return.

Get Cheeky at Your Office Party- Office parties can be so blah! With the holidays upon us, bring a splash of exuberant color and pattern to the seasonal decor. That fruit cake suddenly looks good!

Purchase Cheeky exclusively at Target and learn more about Cheeky and their mission online.

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