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Papa Glow: Father’s Day Gift Guide – Our Top Brand Picks for Dads!

Daphne Thompson | June 11, 2021

Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 20 this year, and we want to say a big “thank you for all you do” to our beloved Papa Glow dads. Doulas and birth workers know that fathers and fathers-to-be have a pivotal role to play in the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experiences of their birthing partners, helping to set their families up for long-term success from the very start. To all the dad who may be reading this – we see you and all the love you’re giving!

As great as dads can be, we have to admit that they can be pretty challenging to shop for, stumping many of us when it comes time to make our Father’s Day gift purchases. Here are some brands we love for the practical but thoughtful products they provide – perfect for showing dad just how much you care!

Artifact Uprising

Photos and memory books are a timelessly classic gift for Father’s Day, and we are obsessed with the options Artifact Uprising has to help you make a truly personal gift. From custom cards to calendars to lay flat photo albums, their easy-to-navigate website makes it so simple to upload your favorite family photos into a present that dad will cherish for years to come.

Artifact Uprising Everyday Photo Book – from $59

Ergo Baby

Any of Ergo Baby‘s line of baby carriers would make an excellent gift for new dads on the go. We love how their lightweight and ergonomic designs allow the parent wearing the carrier to bond closely with their baby, without sacrificing mobility or the ability to multi-task. Another great thing about Ergo Baby’s product line is that they’ve designed carriers to fit the safety and comfort needs of your child from birth through up to 2 years of age, making them a brand that can grow alongside your little one.

Ergo Baby Adapt Newborn Baby Carrier – $139


One of my friends, who is a busy father of two, swears that his Molekule air purifier has dramatically improved his sleep and breathing quality at home. Dads love presents that are truly needed and serve a practical purpose, which makes Molekule a pretty perfect Father’s Day present. Molekule comes in four different models, to suit your home’s needs no matter the size of the space, and is an especially great addition to city apartments to eliminate pollutants quietly and efficiently.

Molekule Air – $799 


Dads need self-care too, even if they don’t always realize it. Remind the father in your life to take some time to take care of himself by gifting him a new and improved skincare and bath routine with curated products from Follain. Follain’s whole line of clean beauty products, suited to support a variety of skin needs and concerns, makes it easier than ever for him to care for his skin while giving himself a little sorely-needed self-love in the process!

Follain Effortless Glow Essentials – $84

Savorista Coffee

If you know a dad who’s looking to cut back on his caffeine intake, or perhaps one who’s gone decaf but still loves the taste of good coffee – Savorista Coffee makes a great gift. Their coffee is full-flavored, small batch roasted, and thoughtfully sourced, with varieties available in both decaffeinated and half-caffeinated options. Their bundles make excellent gifts, especially if you want to try all of their best selling flavors before committing to your favorites – they’re currently on sale, and shipping is free if you spend over $50.

Savorista Coffee Decaf + Half Caf Best Sellers Sample Pack – $37.80

Phenomenal Woman

Phenomenal Woman, founded by Meena Harris, produces statement-making apparel that puts activism and progress front of mind. Phenomenal is responsible for a number of action-oriented campaigns that shed light on gender, racial, and sexual disparities and push us all to work toward true equality. For Father’s Day, they launched a line of “Girl Dad” wearables, a subtle tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. If you have a “Girl Dad” in your life, one of Phenomenal Woman’s hats, tees, or hoodies is sure to help him wear the title with pride.

Phenomenal Woman “Girl Dad” Hat – $35


There are a lot of CBD products and brands on the market right now, which can make it overwhelming to choose one that is trustworthy and effective. We’ve been loving TONIC for their consciously crafted CBD and botanical blends designed to support a variety of needs. Their Good Vibe Tribe bundle includes 3 of our favorites: The O.G. (for daytime stress relief), Chill (for nighttime relaxation and sleep), and Chronic (a topical roll-on for physical tension). My own dad suffers from chronic knee and neck pain and says that Chronic is one of the only products he’s found that actually soothes his discomfort.

TONIC CBD “The Good Vibe Tribe” – $145

Neeva Baby

For fathers-to-be, Neeva Baby‘s fetal heartbeat doppler is a great way to help them feel connected to the baby while it’s still growing inside the birthing partner’s womb. Neeva Baby enables you to listen to baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your home, growing closer to your child and spending meaningful time together long before they come earthside.

Neeva Baby Fetal Heartbeat Doppler – $59.95

Territory Foods

If your favorite dad has found himself missing meals or choosing unhealthy foods options due to a demanding schedule, make sure he stays nourished with delicious, ready-made meals delivered right to his door by Territory Foods. Their prepared meal service is sourced from dieticians, nutritionists, and chefs in your own community, to support local business, and they have a variety of options to suit any dietary restriction or nutritional needs.

Territory Foods Subscription Meal Plan – starting at $10.95/meal

Solara Suncare

The summer months are here, and having a full supply of sunscreen you can trust is mandatory for all of us, dads included. Solara Suncare is a Mama Glow favorite because not only is it clean and non-toxic, it is powered by botanicals and adaptogens that both protect and improve our skin. Gifting dad with Solara Suncare’s line of easily applied SPFs means knowing that his skin will be guarded from harsh UV rays while he enjoys the outdoors.

Solara Suncare Road Trip Trio – $78


We’ve said it once (okay, we’ve said it a lot of times), and we’ll say it again: Kibou is a must-have for all parents with active young families.  Their brilliantly designed minimalist diaper bags allow you to pack everything you need (and nothing you don’t) into a hands-free fanny pack that clips across your body or sits on your hips. Kibou makes it easy for dads out at the park or on an errand with their kids to change a diaper, offer up a snack, whip out a credit card, or fix a boo boo without having to riffle through a cumbersome, over-stuffed shoulder bag. And their newly-released collection of canvas bags ensures that “Dad Duty” happens in style!

Kibou Canvas in “Midnight” – $79

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