When We Fall: Juggling Parenthood & Career



Post by: Emily Liebert

With the recent release of my new novel, When We Fall, I’ve been asked to do a lot of press interviews. When the book was selected as one of People.com’s top picks, the big question kept coming- “How do you balance a big career and being a mom to two young sons?”

Professionally, I “lean in” so far it’s a miracle I haven’t fallen flat on my face. At home, I struggle to ensure that my kids don’t “feel” how much time and energy I divest in my work. So when I set out to write my latest book—which is about mothers, friendship, and relationships—I wanted to address the concept of what happens when we fall.

No one can be everything to everyone all the time. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s simply not realistic. I wish I had a magical solution to impart. But in lieu of that, I can make some suggestions that help me feel sane, most of the time!

Emily Liebert’s Tops 3 Tips for Juggling Career & Parenting 

Identify Your Helpers. Whether, it’s your significant other, family, or friends—who can you call on to, say, pick your kids up from soccer practice in a pinch? 

Adapt strategies. I map out dinners for the week on Sunday and order my groceries online, so I’m not running to the supermarket every day or panicking at six o’clock when there’s nothing more than a jar of jelly in the refrigerator. How can you get strategic?

Make a Plan. At the beginning of each week, I sit down with my husband and our babysitter and we compare our schedules and the kids’ schedules, so there are no loose ends. And I always make sure to include time for myself—whether it’s an exercise class or a manicure!


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Emily Liebert is the award-winning author of You Knew Me When and Facebook Fairytales. Her third book, When We Fall, was released on September 2, 2014. Emily has been featured by: NBC’s Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, Anderson Cooper, FOX News, InStyle Magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, The New York Post, The New York Daily News and The Chicago Tribune, among other national media outlets. Liebert is currently hard at work on her fourth and fifth books. She lives in Westport, CT with her husband and their two sons.

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