Presented by: Evivo

What an infant eats plays an important role in establishing a healthy microbiome and immune system for them. Human milk contains powerful nutrients that are individualized to support infants’ needs. Human milk also contains important bacteria and probiotics that are critical to the development of the infant gut microbiome and immune system. There is a small yet critical window where we can lay the foundation for long term health for our newborns. Learn how you can protect and improve gut health to help your baby get a great start!

We will be in conversation with the following panelists:

  • Charnise B. Littles, B.S., IBCLC, LD, Executive Director at Birth and Milk Co
  • Carrie McGuckin, BSN, RNC-NIC, Sales Director, Evivo
  • Jennifer Jolorte Doro, Chiyo co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer
  • Latham Thomas – Founder of Mama Glow (moderator)