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DREAMBIRTH: Awakening to the light to bring life from within

| May 11, 2014


I lie in bed with my eyes gently open straddling two worlds, one of the divine feminine vast, timeless, and energetic and one of structure, to-do lists, and… alarm clocks. While still hovering in consciousness I get glimmers of what awaits me on the other side..should I allow myself to fall back asleep. My sleep ritual is so important- not because of my health alone, but because of what’s revealed within the dream state.

The dream is a journey, a state not of being asleep or checked out- but tapped in. It is a vessel for us to access the deepest parts of ourselves and emerge with wisdom.

I recently spoke with the incredible Catherine Shainberg, PhD, a seasoned teacher of the Kabbalah, author, and a magical dream worker who guides women to finding their power within by being active in the visioning aspect of their dreams, particularly when it comes to childbirth.

Catherine’s work guides us to trust our bodies and surrender with guided imagery that helps to shape the arc of our conception, pregnancy and birth experiences. I fell in love with her book DreamBirth: Transforming the Childbirth Journey Through Imagery, because it weaves spiritual principals, and mind-body science into one beautiful book that will transform the way you enter into any endeavor. Bringing new life intro the world is not simply a biological act, it’s the most profound and sacred act of creative expression. It is all about conscious engagement.  “By communicating with your body through the language of dreams and Imagery, you become an active participant in the complete journey of childbirth.” says Dr. Shainberg.

Latham Thomas & Dr. Catherine Shainberg on stage at ABC Deepak Chopra Center
Latham Thomas & Dr. Catherine Shainberg on stage at ABC Deepak Chopra Center

She offers practical exercises and guidance for harnessing our innate creative power and as much as I recommend this book for clients it’s essential as a resource for midwives, doulas, fertility experts, massage therapists, and other birth care professionals.

At Mama Glow we are always interested in bringing birth consciousness to the forefront, but it’s important that you know- our work, as Dr. Shainberg’s is not just for pregnant women. It’s for all women that want to take the journey of self development, reclaim their sacred bodies, and become the best iteration of themselves along the way. The dream is a powerful tool that taps you into your own God-given magic. Will you step into that magic?

Prepare for an in-depth conversation using imagery and conscious dreaming to activate the creative power of your mind and the deep wisdom of your body.

Learn more about Dr. Catherine Shainberg and her work.

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