Dream BIG: A New Children’s Book About Expansive Possibility



Children have big dreams, whether they want to grow up to be a firefighter, become president, or save the world. Debut children’s book author Kat Kronenberg is all about empowering children. We all know how easy it can be to get bogged down by negativity when pursuing a dream. Sometimes well-meaning parents forecast negativity onto their children. That’s why she is helping young children realize their dreams through songs, activities, games, and a new book (which we love) aptly titled Dream Big.

Mama Glow: How can games and activities—like drum circles, dream catchers, riddles, and songs—help children realize their power within and from nature?

Kat Kronenberg: We are multi-dimensional beings. Studies show we learn best when we are stimulated by more than one dimension. If we read a meaningful book or article without taking some sort of action, it may not take hold in our lives. It remains just a story without any personal investment.

Observing nature and taking part in games and activities on my website are a fun way to make Dream Big more than just a story. It makes the story personal. It’s a way for you to make an individual investment. It makes dreaming fun, purposeful, and even magical, with some practical, multi-dimensional steps you can take to make them happen. The games and activities are also designed to be shared, which allows for even more meaning, connection, and self-empowerment. We are not meant to chase our dreams alone. Parents, teachers, siblings, and friends help us as we chase our dreams and allow the journey to be a success no matter what the outcome. A true confidence builder.

MG: Why is It important to help children become empowered by their dreams no matter how big they may be?

KK: Dreams are the heartbeat of our lives. They are where are passions flow from. They are our hopes and inspirations. They are how we know which direction to go in, what goals to set, what things to learn, what exciting people to meet, etc.

When we are lost, we tend to get confused, annoyed, and waste a lot of energy being frustrated while figuring out where to go, and we begin to experience self-doubt. To be able to name your dream, to empower yourself with the thrill of chasing it, and even better, to internalize how great it would feel once you achieve it, can truly light you up—no matter your age. It gives us a clear direction to go, a reason to wake up, something to strive for, a reason to grow, to evolve and develop. And the best part is to be able to share your journey with loved ones, encouraging them on their quests while being encouraged to help one another when lost or defeated. No matter what the outcome of your big or small dreams may be, you have created a stronger connection, a lasting bond. You have learned more, experienced growth, and met new people as you continue to live a life with meaning and purpose together.

Dreams can truly empower you to live a more meaningful, dynamic, and richer life. To sit at the dinner table or in a classroom, and talk about your different dreams and ways to achieve them, makes for fun and purposeful conversations. You can also discuss ways to help one another, share your success stories, setbacks, and ways to try again after you fail. Together, discussing and sharing, you learn that the real power of a dream is being in the arena: trying, fighting, striving. The outcome is no longer what is important. The gifts you learn, how you evolve, the people you meet, the connections you make—these are what make dreams a HUGE SUCCESS!

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Kat Kronenberg is a debut children’s book author living in Austin, Texas. As a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, her hope and dream is that through reading we can encourage one another other to “follow our bliss,” stay in the arena fighting for our dreams, and allow joy and fulfillment to be our internal GPS. In addition to spreading her message through her children’s book Dream Big, she also provides interactive games that promote positive thinking, Common Core aligned discussion and project guides, and free downloadable activity sheets at www.katkronenberg.com.

Dream Big (Greenleaf Book Group, January 2017) will be available from Amazon as of January 10, 2017 and other booksellers nationwide. More information about Kat Kronenberg can be found at www.katkronenberg.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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