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With the Daysy Fertility Tracker, Reproductive Health Knowledge Is Power

Daphne Thompson | October 26, 2020

I’ve spent years on hormonal birth control, in spite of the negative impacts I can feel it having on my body, because it was one of the only reliable contraceptive methods I knew about. Then, I discovered Daysy.

Daysy is a tech-forward, hormone free fertility tracker that collects and calculates information about your personal cycle so you can know when conception is possible. Every morning, you take your temperature using Daysy so that it can evaluate your fertile window based on data collected over time. When you’re ovulating, your basal body temperature rises slightly, and you’re most fertile in the 2-3 days before that temperature rise that indicates ovulation has occurred.

After 3 cycles of easy, routine use of your Daysy, it can indicate whether or not you are fertile, empowering you to use that knowledge in your decision-making, whether you’re preventing pregnancy or planning to conceive. The devise supports fertility awareness based-methods (FABMs or FAMs).

Here’s what we love most about the Daysy fertility tracker:

Color-coded lights make your daily reading simple to interpret

With consistent, daily use, Daysy could not make it easier to predict, based on your own body, your fertility. After you take your temperature first thing in the morning, Daysy calculates your temperature against past data and reacts with a color-coded light response. A red light means that you are fertile or possibly fertile, and a flashing red light means Daysy is predicting you are ovulating. If Daysy shows a green light, it is unlikely that you are fertile that day. Yellow lights are used when Daysy is still in its learning phase, to indicate that it needs to better know your cycle patterns before it can provide an accurate reading of your fertility. If the Daysy shows a green, yellow, and red light all together, it is telling you that you are possibly pregnant.

This information is as useful to you when you do not want to become pregnant as it will be one day when you are ready to start a family. Using fertility awareness method to prevent pregnancy, red lights on your Daysy will inform you that you should be using a secondary form of contraception or avoiding sex entirely. On the other hand, if you’re using fertility awareness method to get pregnant, a red light is an indicator that you should be taking advantage of that window of time when conception is most likely to occur.

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It’s discrete, portable, & rechargeable

The Daysy fertility tracker is the size and shape of a small, under-the-tongue thermometer, and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s easy to pack into a purse before a night spent away from home, or into your toiletry bag if you’re going on vacation. And since it only takes about 60 seconds a day, right when you wake up, it’s easy to incorporate into your morning routine. Simply store it on your night stand, and use that minute with Daysy as an opportunity to meditate, check in, and center yourself for the day ahead.

Daysy comes with a USB cord to keep it charged and ready-to-use – think of it as another high-tech gadget working to improve your daily quality of life!

Daysy provides your daily data through their app.

It saves important information about your health right at your fingertips

When it comes to your health, knowledge truly is power, and there’s nothing more powerful than knowing your body and having the data to back you up. With every temperature reading taken using your Daysy, the device bluetooth syncs to the Daysy app on your phone to store and measure those calculations. Not only is this an effective way to accurately track each phase of your cycle on a monthly calendar, it’s a great way to make notes of any changes or fluctuations that might occur.

Beyond using Daysy for family planning, the information it retains about your menstrual cycle can better help you understand your overall health more broadly. For example, an unexpected change in your cycle could point to increase in stress or a sudden change in weight. Furthermore, since Daysy is a thermometer, it can let you know if you have a fever, which may indicate illness or another issue. Conversely, if Daysy records an unexpectedly low temperature reading, it will alert your attention to that data, which could be indicative of thyroid issues (such as hypothyroidism).

Having access to stored data about your body, collected routinely over time, makes you a stronger advocate for yourself when you enter a doctor’s office or hospital setting. It makes you an active participant in your health care, rather than a passive observer, when you are able to step into that space already knowing information about a critical piece of your health and wellness. That, above anything else, makes me excited to have Daysy in my corner, throughout my journey across the reproductive continuum.

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