Customized Nursery Name Plates: The Bliss Atelier


Handmade Name Board by Bliss Atelier

Handmade Bear Hug Name Board by Bliss Atelier

I love a beautiful gift that’s also functional. As someone who is constantly purchasing baby presents I am always on the hunt for something unique that no one else would think to buy. I recently stumbled upon an incredible new baby company called The Bliss Atelier- fell in love with the name instantly! They handcraft personalized nursery name boards and each is one-of-a-kind. Founders Sara Arroyo, Megan Probst, & Santiago Peredo incorporate carpentry, sewing, and lots of color into the incredible keepsakes. They turned their living room into a workshop where each of their boards is born.

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Gorgeous Elephant Safari Name Board

“We have placed great attention to detail in every feature of our name boards; from the crafting of the wood boards to the delicate finishes on the themed-handmade dolls; from the carefully hand-wrapped letters to the selection of theme décor gifts.”

Made in Miami, The Bliss Atelier maintains impeccable standards of quality and attention to detail. They also can provide a highly customized experience for doting parents building the nursery of their dreams. The boards evoke a feeling of joy, playfulness, and ignite the imagination.

Butterfly Garden themed name board

Butterfly Garden themed name board

People aren’t making things by hand anymore so to find a young company that is embracing the lost art of carpentry and sewing is unbelievable. Mamas will love the variety of color-schemes to choose from and the lovely fonts. Themes include pastel-colored Bear Hugs to red & navy blue Baby Sailors; from orange & green Elephant Safaris to Butterfly Gardens full of glorious pinks and purples. As The Bliss Atelier expands, their selection of themes will grow adding even more choices.

Gorgeous Flirty Birdy board

Gorgeous Flirty Birdy board

This is a Mama Glow Must-Have for any nursery. We are thrilled to be getting our own Mama Glow custom name board made by The Bliss Atelier. The name boards are a great baby shower gift, a perfect gift for a naming ceremony.

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For more information about Bliss Atelier Also, you can visit them on Facebook!/TheBlissAtelier.

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