Create a Bedtime Beauty Routine with These 5 Steps


Woman washing faceLet’s face it, the demands of daily life take a toll on your skin. We loose moisture all day long, but at night the process accelerates because of the rise in skin temperature and the repair cycle that takes place at night while you’re sleeping. Stay hydrated all day, with filtered water, coconut water and tweak your regimen to keep your skin dewy and moist until the morning time with these 5 steps!

Upgrade your makeup remover- a mild make up remover that’s alcohol-free so it moisturizes as it cleanses. Try One Love Organics: Vitamin B ACTIVE MOISTURE CLEANSING OIL & MAKEUP REMOVER The ultimate in multi-tasking luxury, Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover effortlessly lifts away impurities and makeup while restoring skin’s natural moisture and pH balance.

Gently Wash Your Face- Try a gentle face wash and rinse with tepid water. Avoid washing with hot water as it strips the skin of moisture. Try Tata Harper Skin Care: Refreshing Cleanser.

Apply Anti-Aging Serum– After patting dry apply anti-aging products serums to reduce lines in the skin. Try Naturopathica Plant: Cell Booster Serum. 

Seal in Moisture- Immediately follow with a rich moisturizer. The moisturizer not only increases penetration of your treatment’s active ingredients but it also traps moisture into your skin. We love May Lindstrom Skin Care: The Youth Dew

Lather your Lips- A moisture rich lip balm is essential. Your lips are thin skinned so they are prone to drying out overnight. We love Earth Tu Face: Skin Stick

Share your bedtime beauty routine below!

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