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Cleansing for Pregnancy: GlowTip #4: Get Your Sea On!

| June 30, 2014


Minerals compose the complex matrix of the human body and salt is one of those vital minerals. We need salt for protein digestion, adrenal function, brain development, and cellular regeneration. But in excess, salt attracts moisture— meaning swelling and dampness in the body. Here’s the good news: you can get the sodium your body needs without the ill effects of salt by eating yummy sea vegetables. Sea vegetables, which contain organic sodium bound in carbon, make it easy to eliminate carbon dioxide from the body and are a goldmine of power-packed nutrition.

Table salt (the iodized white stuff) weakens immunity, increases blood pressure, can cause edema, and contributes to weight gain. Sea vegetables, on the other hand, contain all 56 minerals and trace elements required for your body’s physiological functions. They strengthen immunity and can even reverse high blood pressure and edema. I like to use dulse flakes and sprinkle them over my food. Here’s a glowtip- take kombu and other seaweeds and add them to my stews or beans for flavor and minerals. My son loves nori strips—the seaweed used to wrap sushi— with a little avocado, hummus, and cucumber.

If you’re using regular salt, choose gray-, pink-, or beige-colored varieties—the coloration indicates the presence of minerals. The ocean contains all minerals that exist; ocean water heals us. Seawater is Mother Earth’s cellular fluid. Spending time in the ocean is good for you, especially while cleansing. The salt or saline content of amniotic fluid is the same as that of the oceans. See how connected we are to nature? The rule of thumb when it comes to sea vegetables and pregnancy is that any plant growing in the ocean can help grow a healthy baby.

Stay tuned for Guideline #5… Soak it out!

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