Cindy Lüken’s Sweet Almond Facial Cleanser


Post by: Cindy Lüken of LükBeautifood

Post by: Cindy Lüken of LükBeautifood

We love Cindy Lüken, founder of LükBeautifood. Her plant-based beauty recipes contain less than 5 ingredients but have a major impact on your glowing skin. Check out her sweet almond cleanser recipe that you can make from ingredients you have stocked in your kitchen right now! ~

What we ‘feed our skin today, walks and talks tomorrow’ so why not apply only the freshest, most nutritionally dense ingredients available to you in replacement of skin-damaging toxins and chemicals (most commonly found in mainstream personal care and beauty products).

Beauty Benefits: Sweet almond oil balances moisture levels in dry and irritated skin and is easily absorbed therefore not leaving skin oily or blocking pores. It is also great for removing stubborn eye makeup!


  • Combine 1 tablespoon of organic yogurt (coconut) with a tablespoon of raw organic runny honey
  • Stir in a few drops of sweet almond oil.
  • Gently massage on face (avoiding eye areas).
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Say hello to silky-smooth skin!

Glow Tips: If you don’t have sweet almond oil, you can use jojoba or rosehip oil to substitute. This can also be used as a face mask.


Cindy Lüken of Luk Beautifood  is an accomplished entrepreneur, food scientist, beautifood chef, former biscuit baker and mother of two little ones. She believes that beautiful clean food is the secret to happiness and attributes her accomplishments in business to eating well and ensuring she balances ‘work life’. She continues to follow her mantra “live the life you love” by creating the boutique beauty business Luk Beautifood: an inspiring online destination selling 100% natural sheer color lipsticks made from skin food. Her Beauty Kitchen provides a motivating recipe to nourish your beauty by making the connection between FOOD, BEAUTY & LIFE to inspire and help women delicious… inside and out.

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