BYOBfit: Bring Your Own Baby + Get Fit!


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Post by: Jamie Rasmussen

As women we need to be strong. We need to be strong for ourselves and we need to be strong for our children. After the birth of our little one, our bodies are constantly lifting, carrying, running around and much, much more. Yes, being a mother is physically demanding but seriously rewarding and when we are physically strong, that strength carries over to other aspects of our lives: it boosts our own emotional wellbeing, confidence, boosts our mood, and that directly impacts our loves ones. This is the message and intention behind a class offered by two fitness expert mamas.

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Melissa Paris and Anja Pierre, both with extensive backgrounds in fitness and nutrition, recently introduced their new strength training class BYOBfit (that B stands for Baby, not Booze)! As new moms, both naturally transitioned into an all-inclusive workout-with-baby and realized just how fun it was for everyone. Melissa and Anja decided to extend and their community for like-minded new and expectant moms and dads looking to build muscle and strength in a well rounded workout while being close to their little one. Melissa explains the benefits and all around win-win when working out with your baby; “When you take care of yourself and feel good about yourself those feelings transfer over to your baby. You get the best of everything with our fitness class: endorphins (those feel good chemicals released during physical activity), and critical bonding time between you and your baby! We always see that babies love being in the carrier and close to their mother. Everyone is smiling.”

Where can you sign up for BYOBfit? Check out their website’s calendar,, for their regular class on Mondays and other monthly pop-up classes and team runs!

How do you stay fit, share with us below.

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