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Mama Glow Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week. Got Milk? All female mammals lactate to sustain the life of their young. There is no mammal that depends on the milk of another species of mammal for their survival. This is one of the many attributes that make mammals unique. 

Mother Nature in her infinite genius created a cocktail of hormones, neuro-chemicals, immune factor, all bound up in your milk supply. A mother’s milk is liquid gold. We are here and have evolved as a species because our ancestors breastfed. 

To live in a time where women have social permission to expose their bodies freely for entertainment and advertising but be socially reprimanded for “exposing” their breasts even minimally to feed their young is insane. Babies and mothers do not need to adjust or be considerate of people’s comfort level with breastfeeding- society needs to shift. We celebrate women around the world who are nursing their babies. 

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