Born With A Silver Spoon: The Price of Birthing the Royal Baby



Post by: Juliette Foster

Not since the last royal pregnancy has there been so much interest in…a royal pregnancy…It seems like only a year or so ago we were going all misty eyed at the arrival of Prince George, and now, here we are again, damp at the eyelashes over another baby-to-be.

While the Duchess of Cambridge is slowly making her way back into the public eye after overcoming from the effects of severe morning sickness, there are some aspects of the impending arrival that might surprise you – many of them surrounding how much bringing a royal baby into the world actually costs.

Let’s start with the biggest factor- Security. It’s not the most exciting, granted, but just as the President needs to protect his family – so do the Royals. Although, it appears they do so on a much more modest budget. Last year, it was reported that it cost the US Taxpayer $1.4billion to keep the president and his family secure. By comparison, in order to keep the Cambridges’ and their new arrival free from harm – from the paparazzi and other miscellaneous threats, the average cost per year comes in at a slightly less hair raising £128million.

However, the cost of bringing up the royal baby has some slightly cheaper surprises. When Kate was in the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington the cost of her two night stay was reported to be in the region of £12,000. This might seem steep to some, but interestingly enough – when looked at in comparison to the average cost of giving birth in the USA, it’s actually a snip. It can, depending on which state you live in, cost up to $30,000 to bring your child into the world – so it looks like in this instance Kate might have had the Walmart equivalent of a birthing option…

Whatever the costs and however much coverage the new royal generates, we wish William and Kate all the very best as they prepare for the arrival of Prince George’s brother or sister…

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