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Marie Forleo's B-School
Marie Forleo’s B-School

I get thousands of inspired emails from both men and women who are looking to launch their respective businesses and who want to change the world. People want to know how I did it, what were the tools I used to build a successful lifestyle practice for expectant mamas and create the life of my dreams. It may seem like looking at what others are doing might help you figure out your way but the journey starts within. There were so many people who didn’t understand my vision- but I kept going. First you have to believe it’s possible and begin to take steps towards aligning your goals with your actions.

The seeds you plant today will bear the fruit of your labor- in due time, but you have to get out there, get your hands dirty and go underground. My favorite resource to share with everyone is Marie Forleo and her award winning B-School. She is a business badass, an entrepreneurial sorceress who’s tools will help you grow your vision from a dream to a tangible reality. Her reknown B-School course is an 8 week online course that will rock your world. Listen to the whipsers and enroll now! I want to share with you one of my favorite videos from Marie TV that will definitely get you stirred up and ready to hustle for your dreams.

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Latham Thomas & Marie Forleo for Marie TV on Working Moms

When you work passionately, you put your all into everything you do- that requires a lot of downtime. This past weekend I relished in self-care and what we at Mama Glow call glow time. After two snowstorms hit New York City in one week it was time for me to take a love sabbatical in Miami and wade in the salty waters of the Atlantic Ocean, letting the sun hit my skin and catch up on rest and good reading. While afloat in the sea feeling lifted by the buoyant waters I pondered; what does it take for me to thrive? The biggest thing I need is support. When I feel supported I can do anything. I have learned some invaluable tips from my friend Marie Forleo on how to get organized so I am supported, properly prioritize my passions and turn them into profit. When you are well supported you can take time for yourself and have faith that things won’t fall apart in your absence.

Many of us, mothers, business owners, caretakers…all perceive this tether to our work, our children, our duties. What if we put ourselves first? What if we started with a full tank instead of burning the candle at both ends and feeling empty? What if we sought out community and resources to help us fulfill our dreams and goals, rather than work in a vacuum or make excuses for why we can’t have what we want?

I want you to answer the following questions:

What do I want to create?

Where do I need support? Am I afraid to ask for help?

Where do I need a little more glow time in my life?

What’s getting in the way of me reaching my goals?

Who are my cheerleaders, am I spending enough time with those who make me feel my most powerful?

What tasks can I delegate that will make more time for me to pursue what I love?

It’s time to dive in and invest in yourself. B-School only happens once a year so this is your time to sign up and take a leap of faith- just like I did to fulfill my wildest dreams.

Will you join us?

When you register from TODAY – March 5, 2014 using Mama Glow’s affiliate link, you’ll have the opportunity to score BONUS prizes and swag. The first 10 people to sign up will receive:

  • The Haute Pink Mama Glow tote swag bag full of Mama Glow Approved high end products for self care and beauty. ($600)
  • A private Glow Guidance Counseling Session focusing on your business or your health. ($395)
  • VIP Invitation & gift bag to our next upcoming event. ($500)
  • Premium Access to a call with me on How I Birthed my Brand. (priceless)
  • A signed copy of my bestselling book: Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy ($15)

This offering of bonuses will never come around again. The attention you will get with me in your Glow Guidance Counseling Session is unparalleled.


How will you expand your self love practice and put your dreams at the forefront.

Now is your time. Join us!

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